BTC’s GOLDEN GIRL Shaunae Miller has won GOLD Tonight in RIO!


Bahamas has a new Track Queen – Shaunae Miller takes the GOLD at the Rio Olympics!

Live camera shot by Miller's victory time at 49.44.
Live camera shot by Miller’s victory time at 49.44.

Rio – The BTC GOLDEN GIRL Shaunae Miller has claimed the Gold in the Women’s 400m race.

It took a dramatic dive by Miller at the finish line to win the women’s 400-meter final, preventing American Allyson Felix from capturing a record fifth Olympic gold medal.

Miller clocked 49.44 seconds, running in lane 7, to narrowly hold off Felix, who finished in 49.51. Shericka Jackson of Jamaica won the bronze in 49.85.

Felix won the 400m at the world championships last year and was planning to run the 200- and 400-meter double in Rio, but was hampered by an ankle injury at the U.S. trials and didn’t make the team for the 200.

Shaunae is just 21 Felix is 30-year-old! We now have a NEW BAHAMIAN TRACK QUEEN!!!

We report yinner decide!

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  1. Miller – and the Bahamas, should be ashamed of that pathetically-desperate performance. Claiming that there is no official rule disallowing diving is no excuse: suppose Pistorius chose to take off one of his prosthetic legs when racing, and just TOSS it ahead of him over the finish line: would THAT constitute a “win,” too? Especially at what should be the Greatest Competition of all?!? C’mon! Be Honest, folk: if all of the track competitors came down with a Diving epidemic…would YOU tune it to watch? ….I thought so.

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