Bus Stop for Boss Hog but none for Mama! What a Country!

Huge bus terminal created on East Street in front of Boss Hog Brent Symonette's new Business Complex.

What utter madness! We were astounded to see a few bus stops being placed on East Street South in the front of the new Business Park said to be owned by Boss Hog Brent Symonette.

Yet this scatter brain crew we have for a government saw no need to put one in the front of it’s own building on Blue Hill Road – NIB.

Wow what a Country! We are told that pensioners have to go to NIB twice per year to verify that they are alive, yet no bus stop is for the aged of our community?

Every month the aged of our community must travel to BEC headquarters to pay those exorbitant electricity bills, and again, NOT ONE DAMN BUS STOP IS ON BLUE HILL ROAD FOR MAMA IN FRONT A BEC!

At the same time, the JACKASSES WE ELECT TO GOVERN and grease the hogs can knocked down everything in its way to make sure buyers reach safe at Boss Hog Brent’s place.

We cry same on this wutless, uncaring, scatter brain FNM Government. They have no damn shame!


NO bus terminal section set aside on Blue Hill Road between the new the police station down to Shell station opp. St. Barnabas Church. NOT ONE!


  1. Crazy question, when the police, ambulance or fire truck comes speeding up Blue Hill Road, where are the motorists supposed pull over to? There is no longer any space on the sides no up the middle. Poor planning!!

    • that’s not the issue here: what’s good for BOSS HOG!! must be good fa mama. we want a better busing system, so if ya spending the people’s money on road up grades, it can’t just benefit the privilege few, or special interest.

      • But isn’t there a small sheltered bus stop on Blue Hill Rd. Several for that matter on the strip between Robinson and Wulff Rd. Considering the road works and limited amount of space where is this big rest stop suppose to go on Blue Hill Rd.? Bahamians really need to stop and think, you’ll make a big thing out of nothing just to have a complaint.

        • ..”Considering the road works and limited amount of space where is this big rest stop suppose to go on Blue Hill Rd..?” WTF???
          IT COULD GO RIGHT WHERE IT USED TO BE!!! If I remember, the bus stop in front of National Insurance had plenty space.
          And have you noticed that the now widened road has massive concrete sidewalks(and unutilised space probably meant for grass)that effectively eliminates the busstop laybys?

          Or are we not entitled to have any input in where, how, and on what our tax dollars are spent?

        • We ain’t talking about no bus stop shelter Realist; we talking about previsions for buses to pull of to side of the main road so there is no traffic obstruction; and people can exit and enter the bus in an area designated for that type of activity.And, if it’s provided for Brent Symonette’s place,it should be provided in the front of the National Insurance Building on Baillou Hill RD where there is enough space on both sides of the street.

  2. Don’t forget this Govt placed an affirmed racist on our money the economic symbol of the Bahamian people!
    So what do they care abour poor BLACK mama except to rape her economically!!!

  3. Some guys gat all the luck!!! You would think after the boy pa,the Sr.”BOSS HOG,” who bootleg rum,stole the Bahamian people’s money from the treasury after 1942 BURMA ROAD RIOT, and stole all the prime land in the country;one would be inclined to believe, that his off-spring would be different.But, truer words could not of been side in that the chip don’t fall far from the block.

    • Bp you are so correct,branville notice this with the FNM,when he commented that this government has no compassion. In addition, further to this delenma,they have shorten the width of Blue Hill Road, what madness.

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