Cabinet Minister already predicts problems ahead for Christie Regime and is making a way of escape for himself….


Minister could resign before the next General Election is held and return to his lucrative legal career!

Crisis now set to emerge within the PLP as Christie loses confidence within his group.

Christie loses grip and confidence slips within the REGIME!!! Cabinet begins to lose confidence in leader…

PLP Chairman makes last minute attempts to save growing rift in Party. Confidence erodes against Christie.

Nassau, Bahamas — A PLP Cabinet Minister is already preparing to be removed from power whenever Prime Minister Christie calls his doomsday election.

The MP for a family island seat has bought prime land space on Dowdeswell Street to relaunch his legal practice in the capital city.

Some sources tell BP the senior MP has been eying the construction of his new building night and day, and may decide to resign from the Cabinet when the building is completed.

Just yesterday the smooth-talking MP parked his car in the middle of the road jumped out at the construction site and held the longest meeting with workers just outside the building.

Sources tell us the MP is sick and tired of the slow pace in which the Christie Regime is managing the country and believes if things don’t quickly change things will not be the same in 2017, or whenever the outgoing Prime Minister calls the general election.

Friends close to the Cabinet Minister say he was overheard saying, “Boy, when things go South for Christie, this time I ain’t ga be at his side. I will be heading into my spanking new operations and to hell with the PLP!”

All we say is this: It ain’t long nah!

We report yinner decide!