Cabinet Minister’s sister dies after seeking medical attention since yesterday on Bimini!

Kim Johnson-Rolle of Bimini.

FREEPORT| Your real news source in the country, Bahamas Press, can confirm the passing of Kim Johnson-Rolle of Bimini.

Johnson-Rolle, a deli operator on the island, didn’t make it after experiencing serious complications of fever, flu and having dangerous breathing difficulties, all yesterday. She was never transported to the capital after awaiting an aircraft to assist her.

Johnson-Rolle is the daughter of the late former MP Oscar Johnson and the sister of Immigration Minister Elsworth Johnson.

We broke the story just before midnight on Sunday how Johnson-Rolle presented herself to the local clinic after experiencing symptoms similar to that of COVID19. Almost a day later the RBDF aircraft flew into Bimini late Monday afternoon to transport her where she died upon arrival. What is this?

BP promised to report these developments to you as they happen as we believe there exists a massive coverup of the incidents involving the victims of a failing healthcare system in the country during this global COVID19 pandemic. Some several medical teams sent to Bimini are now in isolation following these developments.

We cannot confirm is Johnson-Rolle was a victim of the pandemic because she, we know, was NEVER TESTED! And we also wonder why no emergency aircraft was sent for her?

BP has asked officials to clarify the death of, Ruby Bowe, another woman who died last week after suffering complications of flu, fever and respiratory issues. Bowe was a patient at Sandilands. She too was never tested and the question once again is why.

At the breaking of this report, online services on Bimini were interrupted. We wonder why? Boy We are in a state of EMERGENCY! PLEASE STAY INSIDE!

We report yinner decide!