Cars left like waste everywhere you go all over New Providence

Here is another car left abandoned on Harold Road near the JFK stoplight. BP wonders when will the Department of Environmental Health Services and the Police get it together. Why is a vehicle, suspected of being used in some crime, left abandoned all long the streets of New Providence like garbage on the side of the road. FIX IT!


  1. I agree with you K4C. All you Bahamians need to stop being lousy and complaining about the government not doing enough, and do something yourselves. Get off your lazy asses and get your brains working and help each other out and maybe things will start getting done. This junker car is not the governments responsibility. Obviously it belongs/belonged to somebody (no matter it was stolen or not) and that somebody should be the one doing something about. Or rather should’ve done something to move it before letting rot there.
    What next you are going to hold the government accountable for all the garbage in the streets? If people would stop being so dang nasty then there would be no garbage on the streets for the government to have to go pick up as if it was your mother picking up after you.

  2. One excuse after another, Bahamian STOP asking governments to take care of you, are you in a 3rd world country ? in other country’s when your car is un-serviceable you have it towed away, it snows , you clear your driveway, grass gets tall, you cut it, every place in Nassau is looking like a 3rd world country, cars, garbage, unkempt buildings and so on, keep it up, not one tourist wants to see this type of environment, who’s at fault, just look at yourself in the mirror, that’s who’s at fault.

    Your Anti Spam Thingy is pure BS by the way

  3. when urban renewal was kicking’ something was being done. but now this don’t care nasty government don’t give a rat’s ass about crime,junk, me or you!!

  4. Cuz we nasty and don’t care and to think that there might be laws in place for having old broke down cars in our yard and side streets. Nassau is so filthy, dirty and rat and mosquito infested. U might be poor but my gawd, get a rake and some garbage bags! I hope they keep the tourist downtown, cuz if they only saw the filth in Nassau. Sometimes I wonder if this the same place in the brochurs. SMT!

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