Chinese Officials expressed concerns about Bahamas quarantine?

PM Minnis and Minister Duane Sands running PMH into the ground.

NASSAU| Duane Sands has yet to tell us what has happened to the 16 Chinese nationals, which were intercepted by the American Government after a Bahamian attempted to smuggle the group from Bimini into the United States of America.

The US detained the Bahamian male at the centre of the smuggling operation and returned the 16 Chinese nationals to the Bahamas. Nothing has been heard of the group since they were returned? Are they affected by Coronavirus?

We know two persons died mysteriously on Bimini following the trafficking exercise, where one of the men had serious flu-like symptoms and was found dead inside his home. The other died the following day after helping lift the deceased man.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Officials met with Duane Sands last weekend to discuss the outbreak and the quarantine of its nationals. But no word has come on their condition.

According to a statement from the Chinese, “The Foreign Minister of China sent a Task Force to Wuhan City to monitor the situation including the wellbeing of Bahamian students residing in Wuhan City. Food and other supplies are being provided.” 

Of the 160 Bahamians residing in China, presently five are in Wuhan City and they are being monitored by the Chinese and the Bahamian Embassy.

“They are all encouraged to remain at home to prevent the risk of infection.”

We report yinner decide!