Chrissy Love Was Not Victimized Letter Writer Says


Has Chrissy Love GONE GREEN!


May 15th, 2012

Dear Bahamas Press,

Chrissy Love was relieved of her duties as host of the talk show Immediate Response, and I don’t think I am alone when I say, she was asking for it!

I am not a fan of her style as her tone was often confrontational, she often talked down to her callers, she never really broadened the debate and she never hid her love for the FNM! But what was so ironic was how she often chided Bahamians for being “diehards” to any political party when she so obviously displayed the same behavior.

For someone who always talked about the Bahamian people needing to do and become better in order to take this country to the “next level,” her behavior on air at times undermined her very plea.

For the last few months, she boldly and brazenly campaigned for the FNM on air! It wasn’t subtle at all! She let her FNM bias hang out for all to see and she didn’t care!

Now there isn’t anything wrong with supporting the FNM or PLP, but as the host of a national show, it was unbecoming and she never even tried to show a measure of restraint or fairness the closer we got to the election.

I think she acted the way she did because she, like Papa, thought victory on May 7th was a sure thing! And if victory was a sure thing, she then could behave without fear as she knew her position at ZNS was secure.

So as the voting results poured in on the night of May 7th and it became clear as time went on that  her party had been bitched slapped out of office by the people, her belly “break down” as we say and started praying to the Father, Son, Holy Spirit and Ally Baba as she knew her ass was grass!

Seems like Chrissy made the calculation that if they fire me, I’ll scream victimization; if they keep me as host of the show, I will carry on just as bad or even worse and criticized the new government relentlessly! She essentially put the management of ZNS between a rock and a hard place.

ZNS and this new government was damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Whatever the decision, she assumed, she came out the winner. So ZNS fired her and the next day she is in the papers, screaming victimization.

Now here is what is so ironic about this, Steve McKinney and Phillipa Russell was fired as soon as the FNM took office in 2007 and Ms Love was their replacement. The FNM replaced hosts that were anti-FNM with a host that wasn’t! Its that simple! But we were not appalled by the firing, many Bahamians were appalled at the way Mr Ingraham did it, at a mass rally, less. So where was Ms Love’s outrage when these two people obviously got victimized?

How is what happened to Steve and Ms Russell any different than what happened to Ms Love? If Ms Love is claiming that the PLP victimized her, then she is also claiming that the FNM victimized Steve and Phillipa!

Is Ms Love suggesting that its only victimization when the PLP takes this action and not when the FNM does the same? All the FNM’s who are coming to Ms Love’s aide, where were you in 2007 when something similar happened to others, who presumably, were not FNMs? Victimization is bad regardless of who does it right?

Ms Love says free speech is dead in the Bahamas because of her firing! No Ms Love, free speech didn’t die when you were fired, it died five years ago when the FNM administration lead by your Papa, fired Steve and Lady Russell. Papa set the precedent and now you tasted it!

Are Steve and Ms Russell’s right to free speech less than your Ms Love’s? Let’s just call a spade a spade, Ms Love was an FNM tool! Is that simple! She put herself out there and precedent had already been set as to how to deal with people like her by her own party’s former leader! So she needs to stop acting the fool, collect her severance and move on.

Her own actions since the elections was one that suggest to me that she was begging for ZNS to fire her and they granted her wish! So as far as I am concerned, her cry of victimization is weak and without merit! She can not point a finger at the PLP without pointing a finger at the FNM!
If she hates what was done to her, then she should have hated what was done to others whom she replaced, publicly stand up to her party and denounce victimization regardless of who did it and not accept the job when it was offered to her in 2007!

This “look at me, I’m a martyr for free speech” act by Ms Love is a bunch of Bimini bullsh**. She knew what she was hired to do and she did her job well. Her party loss and she, like every other political appointee, she have resigned the following day!



  1. Chrissy Love deserved exactly what she got.
    She believed that she was smarter than everyone.
    She was out of order.


  2. I agree Altec. Chrissy likes to play the role of victim. When Jones fired her she deserved it and she ran on about that then. She comes back with this same pushy, big mouth attitude and on a public broadcasting station. No one is against her saying what she says but just don’t do it on ZNS. Go to a private company that’s all. And the claim that freedom of speech is dead is bull. We have more people on talk radio today than ever. We have more radio stations that the law allow. So get over it Chrissy. You carry on too bad. Simply can’t control yourself on air.

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