Christie Regime should know “IT AIN’T LONG NAH!” – those were the words of Dr. Hubert Minnis now moving strong in the Southern Bahamas!


PLP MP haul-ass on plane to join Dr. Minnis in Mical – Opposition Leader is reclaiming lost ground for his Party for the last four days in MICAL!

Leader of the Opposition Dr. Hubert Minnis on the ground in Mical for the past four days.

Crooked Island, Bahamas — BP agents down in the Southern Bahamas in the community of MICAL are now tracking the Leader of the Opposition Dr. Hubert Minnis where he is right now barking his coconut water to get ready to turn up the heat on the Christie Regime.

BP understands that, as the FNM leader landed on the runway of Crooked Island to earlier this week rally that community, the MP for MICAL V. Alfred Gray was in a plane just behind.

Sources tell us Gray – in great fear and panic – joined the Opposition Leader to make sure no supporters were snatched and that Crooked Island remains GOLD!

Serious advances have moved the Opposition Leader ahead in the polls following the botched referendum on Gaming. The opposition supported the “NO” Vote and the poll won in the party’s favour. That was the first election win for the FNM following 3 defeats.

But Dr. Minnis is wasting no time. The Opposition Leader is already showing up in communities around the country rallying and resetting the game for his Party.

Today the doctor is barking coconuts just like the Peter Street inner city community man he is. He told reporters on the ground, “it ain’t long nah!” as he chapped in two a coconut to extract the jelly!

Bahamas Press is live on the ground in Crooked Island!