Kendal Wright, MP for Clifton.

Nassau, Bahamas Bahamas Press is reporting fallout in the camp of the Free National Movement at this hour as sources deep inside the party tell us an MP is set to resign!

UNCONFIRMED reports tell us, Kendal Wright, the MP for Clifton in fallout with the leadership is set to tender his resignation on the floor of the House at its next sitting.

Clifton is one of three constituencies to collapse in the new boundary changes. BP is following this developing story.


  1. Well ya know, thats what happens when men don’t stand up.
    when one “go along, to get along” he cant be comfortable with himself.

    Now this is the pay back he’s getting.

    I tell ya boi…. there goes another political casualty of Hubert A. Ingraham.
    This man has his very own “political graveyard”.

    And apparently, this has been his secret weapon of survival ya know. He can’t lay claim to taking out many on the other side. But his team members biggest threat is ‘friendly’ fire from him.
    Oh yeah, he’ll “shoot” them down in a jiffy.

    But the thing is, they don’t learn.
    Not a dern one would stand up to Mr. Ingraham, the way he and his good friend, Perry Christie was prepared to stand up to Sir Lynden.
    That is why they are king of the ‘bull run” today. because they stood up and gain the respect of the masses.

    I guess the guys in the FNM are just comfortable propping him up, I challenge one of them tap him a little, he’ll fall, he’s “politically dead”. just tap him, you’ll see.

  2. i don’t know mr wright but i had respect for the man,but now i am not sorry for him.when he was supose to do the right thing and stand up for BTC along with the rep for bamboo town he let detractors convince him to stand down and put his tail between his he understands the mind set of hubert ingraham and the fnm if you don’t suport them they will crush you,if this article is true i would hope that Kendal just resinged from the fnm and continue to represent the people of his cont.

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