Convicted Cop Killer Andrew Yogi Davis died in his cell…

Andrew Yogi Davis died on the floor of his dorm cell.

NASSAU| Sources have now revealed to BP that convicted cop killer Andrew Yogi Davis died on the floor of his maximum security cell after being denied medical assistance at the Department of Corrections. 

Yogi made requests throughout the day while locked down that his condition was getting worse by the minute. 

From our intel, Yogi fell sick and began his fever complaints on Monday of last week. That was Monday. By Wednesday evening his condition had worsened.  After multiple requests to the medical station about his condition, teams watched as his condition worsened by the hour. His chills turned to fever then to shortness of breath.

By 7pm on Wednesday evening, his unanswered requests resulted in death. He died on the floor of his dormitory which housed some 50 other prison inmates.

Readers should note the doctor at the prison had just returned a week earlier after testing COVID19 positive following the death of Prison Nurse Sherry Bain who also died at home suffering from conditions similar to Yogi. Since the incident, no other prisoners in Yogi’s dorm have even been tested in the event Yogi had COVID! But who cares?

Prison Nurse Sherry Bain

The medical officer who pronounced Yogi dead is still at the prison administering meds and could be asymptomatic. And what about the tests of the ones who lifted his body out of the dorm?

Yogi, who was denied healthy food at the prison, had a case on his food supply set for this month.

We report yinner decide!