Defence Force officer and his brother headed to JAIL for Murder


The RBC employee, Stephen Sherman, gunned down Friday afternoon. Sherman had just pulled up his home when a gunman some believe attempted to rob him and fatally shot him as he exited his vehicle.

Police captures man accused of murdering banker

Nassau, BahamasBahamas Press is following major development on Bank Lane happening now.

We can tell you two brothers, one a Defence Force officer, will be arraigned in a magistrate’s court for murder.

BP can tell you Ramon and Rashad Nottage – 24 and 21-year-old brothers and sons of a retired police officer – will be arraigned shortly for the murder of a young man who was left to die in the trunk of a vehicle on Milo Butler Highway last week.

BP agents down in Bank Lane are now reading the charges.

According to a police report, both men are alleged to have conspired together in killing the victim and leaving his body in the trunk. Police got a call last week Wednesday shortly after 10pm confirming that a car had been parked near the bushes on the highway.

As the investigation opened, police found the lifeless body of a victim inside, shot to the upper body.

Now, what makes this case interesting is this: no one knows how the Defence Force officer got the weapon, but some suggest the weapon used is believed to be one owned by the Force.

Documents also shown to us reveal that both man allegedly committed the plot following an argument over rims.

The are expected to be charged shortly after 12 pm today.

Meanwhile, Bahamas Press can report police have wrapped up the murder of Stephen Sherman, the RBC employee who was gunned down outside his home on Friday night.

Stephen Sherman, a police report concludes, was a victim of an armed robbery.

We report Yinner decide!


  1. It was rumored that the robbers who attacked RBC gentleman and shot him in the armed robbery last week were waiting outside his home for him to arrive. It was a rumor the wife had a sweetie familiar to many coworker and freinds. Could it be a domestic feud made to look like a robbery?

  2. Please BP do a better job of editing these posts. You should have written Meanwhile, Bahamas Press can report that police have wrapped up their investigation into the murder of Stephen Sherman, the RBC employee who was gunned down outside his home on Friday night.

    If you need an editor, I’d be happy to assist, gratis

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