Derek Ryan has been REJECTED by the DNA/FNM Candidates Committee


DNA hopefuls all being rejected one by one as the hidden FNM sleeper cells in the Party decline independents.


Nassau, Bahamas – We have information, which confirms a second candidate has become unsuccessful in clinching the nomination in the Democratic National Alliance.

Sources in the DNA tell us attorney, Derek Ryan, has been without question rejected by the FNM faction now running the DNA.

Ryan, we are told was hammered and grilled by the DNA Candidates Committee this past weekend. He was excoriated by former FNM henchwoman, who is one of the hidden 13 in the party’s apparatchik.

Sources tell us as the panel of politicos inside the DNA pressed Ryan as he began sweating profusely and learned his fate with the organization.

“I don’t know when people will get it that deep in this DNA is the hidden cell of the FNM who will have no independent thinkers joining their party’s leadership team. They are all FNMs who want some pull in the future of the FNM after Papa retires. Look at the pure jokers they put before the people of this country when they launched a few months ago. They would never nominate a Troy Garvey, Steve McKinney, Derek Ryan or Paul Moss,” a source in the DNA said.

Last week another political hopeful was also rejected as a DNA candidate for the upcoming General Elections. BP has learnt a second FNM goon high up under mask of the 13 hidden in the Party  [DNA], Dr. Jonathan Rodgers, delivered the bad news to the defeated politico.

Meanwhile BP has learnt not one member of the DNA marched alongside political activist, Rodney Moncur, over the weekend in his walk for justice.

Despite the cry to fight and end the bloodshed if elected to power at a crime symposium held last week, McCartney sent not one supporter on the protest against murders. However, the DNA leadership was able to censor Moncur from marching with thousands of workers in the country on Labour Day. WHAT MADNESS! Moncur turned WATERBOY? Well blow us down!

BP records some 247 victims of murder have been massacred in the Bahamas under the Wutless leadership of Tommy Turnquest and the FNM since 2009. With all those murders racked up, few have been tried for the crime and scores accused and locked away have been released back into society to kill off the witnesses.



  1. I have not spoken on this site for quite a while and is surprise to see that Bahamas Press did’nt even had the courtesy to seek my opinion on what they are reporting here on this site.(but i guess that’s just what happens).

    I wonder if BP really believes this?
    I wonder if BP checked with the necessary personal to see if this is true?

    I mean,I’m just asking because I have a lot of respect for BP and it’s writers and I know for sure that I did not speak to any of BP sources.As for rejections from the DNA,well,I never went before a candidates committee for no political party,I have shown interest but after careful consideration,long Prayers and deep soul searching,I have decided not to get involved with POLITICS for the same reason as to this report…..I will continue helping persons that are in need of assistance to seek JUSTICE….

    BP, I just thought I would respond to this due to the facts are not correct….

    • We agree Troy Garvey was not contacted in this report nor are we concluding that he did appear or was to appear in the presence of a DNA Candidates committee. What we are pointing out here is that it is highly likely, knowing the persons behind the wall of the DNA, the name of a Troy Garvey will not be received or accepted by the DNA. Nor would the likes of the others be considered.

      And we know why!


  2. I am let down by Ryan who should just recuperate and then in 5 yrs time come back on the political scene.Like Craig Butler there is just too much baggage at this time.Can didates who have political baggage must recognise that their dirt takes a long time to evaporate.I love the fact that political parties are willing to make tough decisions so those dejected need not face a meltdown.Ryan is good forf the future but not right now for any political party to take a chance at this time.

  3. Rodney is too junglist….who more junglist than Hubert Ingraham?? I rather an uneducated real MAN in the house of parlaiment than some daddy’s boy, boot licker, yes man that schooled in England. And by the way, educated or not….Rodney Moncur is quite intelligent. I think joining the DNA was actually a step down / back for Mr. Moncur. Unlike many fickle Bahamians around here, I’m not so sure that Bran is the Man. I do know for sure it ain no damn Hubert or Perry!! I notice how BP love to kiss the PLP hip every chance he get, and it’s really disgusting to read by the way.
    Rodney Moncur is a true political activist / outsider and his voice is needed. We need more men and women of standard to be like minded in these perilous times.

    • You have it twisted Rodney Moncur aint doing Bran no favours by joining up with the DNA, it’s the other way around. Before now people wouldn’t have given Rodney the time of day, he still would have been out there in the wilderness. People like the fact that he is stand up for these murder victims, beside that aint nobody on his run. We already have a jungalist leading this country and we trying to get rid of him right now. I don’t know what Bran was thinking, I just hope this union between them work out, because I feel Bran could have done better without him. I am not for the PLP or FNM either and I am willing to give Rodney and the rest of the DNA a chance to prove themselves, but Rodney need to tune his jungalist ways down. You can’t even send him to do a simple talk show without that jungalist in him coming out. I don’t be for that.

  4. Just confirmation of my earlier writings, and I have been consistent from the very beginning. I told y’all that the DNA = the FNM but too many folks were gobbling up the koolaid like thirsty souls in a dry desert. Rodgers and Ryan are no big surprise to me. When you show your underwear people know where you been sittin’. No surprises here. NEXT!

  5. It is sad that Rodney Moncur after fighting in the wilderness for over thirty years for the rights of Bahamians would join the DNA, a party with no track record. After all he was the only political person who wants to give Bahamians land to own and farm while promoting hanging the bastard killers in this land.

    • Are you satisfied with the track records of the two major party? It is with sheer ignorance when people makes such asinine statements. If you are satisfied, then vote for one of them period. Did Sir Lynden Pindling and the PLP had the track record that you are seeking. MAN!!!!! YOU PEOPLE ARE SO RIDICULOUS!!!

  6. Mind you I like the fact how Rodney Moncur is stand up for these murder victims and their families, I just feel he should of stayed with his own party, because I sense problems down the road, he’s too jungalist for me. That’s probably the reason the other two major political parties didn’t take him on. To be honest, I wasn’t feeling it when him and Bran decided to join forces. Anyway, I guess we will have to wait and see what happens. Still planning on supporting the DNA in the next election.

  7. Its no surprise Ryan was rejected. That man has too many issues, many of which are highlighted every week. Not that I read the Punch, mind you.

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