Detectives Left Investigating Two Murders in 24-hours



Nassau, Bahamas — Officers of the Central Detective Unit are requesting the public’s assistance in locating the culprit/s responsible for the country’s latest murders.

The first incident reportedly occurred sometime around 5:45 pm on Monday 23rd May, 2011 at Sunset Park.

Preliminary reports indicate that the deceased was at Sunset Park along with a group of males when a male armed with a handgun, fired gunshots which resulted in the deceased receiving gunshot injury to the head. EMS responded and pronounced the victim dead. The victim in this incident is identified by family as 26-year-old , Cyril Strachan Jr.

The second incident reportedly occurred shortly before 10:00 pm on Monday 23rd May, 2011 at ‘Da’ Porch Liquor Store, Montrose Avenue and Hampton Street.

Information received that the deceased was in the parking lot of ‘Da’ Porch Liquor Store” when some unknown person/s fired gunshots which resulted in the deceased receiving multiple gunshot injuries to the body.

EMS personnel responded and pronounced the victim dead. It is believed that second male received gunshot injuries during the incident. Active police investigations continue.

BP’s murder count is now pushed to 236 and 237 since 2009.


  1. Lincoln, you are so right. These children were born in a society with conflicting or little civil value. Money is power and might is right. Priests, politicians and police get away with literal murder with no consequence, drug boys gets the girls and murderers get the respect. They may be dumb as a result of no education but they are not blind.Their lives are hopeless, better to die like a hog than live like a dog.Imprisonment is not the key if it is not for life for every crime because the thief becomes a murderer and the weed smoker becomes killers. Legalise Marijuana first off because so many of the youth encounter the police and their power hungry evil ways through the excuse of law and resentment with order begins. Provide opportunity and education, summer programs that take the youth away from Nassau to family Island development projects that provided a sense of national pride. Provide counseling to the females of our community from they are old enough to conceive. There should be rights and values classes for our boys seeing that they are the ones terrorizing the country.We’d have to train the tutors but this also provide opportunity and employment hope. Our children in trade schools could provide the labor that builds the new prison so badly needed in the Bahamas. They can build the walls or live behind them because no one will be released because of space shortage.

  2. @ Kim Sands

    Yep! Money wasted because Mount Royal Avenue is not across the street from where he resided. And unless he works a night shift at The Porch there is no “acceptable” reason for him being outside at night. Further, if these jail birds can enjoy all of the amenities of society while on bail, with no restrictions (time or place), then WHAT is the point behind the electronic monitoring. This incident raises the ultimate question: Are the bracelts BEING MONITORED???????

    • You know what I find interesting Storm? When they have persons in custody at these police station, these people is get up and walk out. Nobody could tell you how it happened, they can’t monitor them right there in the police station with them, how do they expect to be able to monitor them from home?

  3. It is very unfortunate the state in which this little Bahamaland is in. I agree with the previous blogger Jerome, but I say, we have time to be flicking selling all our cays out there to those so call rich folks. Why not create one large prison on a cay where there are shark infested waters and keep all these fools out there who want to wreek havoc in our communities there. I agree if you wanted freedom ya woulda think twice before you commit teh stupid crime, influenced by the firends and drugs you keep. Man these fools eating better than us who paying tax dollars to help feed them. They need bread and dam water, slop buckets for toilets and one pants, one shirt, one pair of jockey, and maybe a pair of sandals, man, eh jail ain even jail no more, so what the hell dat telling us. they carryin on like da dam ritz carlton up there. something needs to be done no joke!

  4. i agree totally with jerome. make prison a hard place not a relaxing place where u eat 3 free meals a day and pay no light and water bill are you serious stop joking wih these crminals and may be just may be they will ease the hell up.

    • I don’t agree with Jerome because prison is not the answer. You send a 1000 men to jail you make a 1000 men unemployable when they are released. So what do you think is gonna be their profession when they can’t find decent jobs? Let’s find ways to keep them from choosing a life of crime by keeping them employed, and am quite sure we all have ideas on what to do but who cares. An employed Bahamian is one who could feed and support his family and give his children an education so that they don’t have to be bums, robbers, prostitutes, drug pushers and killers.

  5. From what I understand in one of the incident one of the victim had on an electronic bracelet and this is not the first time something like this occurred. How effective are these electronic bracelets? I want know, because right now, I starting to feel like Tommy them wasted our monies purchasing them.

    • This is the problem, these electronic bracelet, so I thought,should have been for first time offenders and minor offences, but more and more you hear of harden criminals with electronic bracelet! In my view it defeats the purpose and compounds the problem, while the company that provides these bracelets is laughing all the way to the bank!! Foolishness!!!

  6. look all these hail marys and this study and that study about crime is a bunch off bull****, lock those suckers up with no bail,then if you lock them up everyday pile them on top of one another then they will stop doing **** everyday these bums know that they could do **** then go up there and relax on me and your hard earned tax dollars, so lets make jail harder than what it is NO VISITS, if you was interested in seeing your family you would have been FREE, EAT JAIL FOOD, if you wanted a good meal you would have been FREE,**** IN BUCKET, if you wanted to use a toilet you would have been FREE, I SAY MAKE MAKE JAIL A LIVING HELL, its obvious jail is not hard enough…………….

  7. The chickens have come home to roost. These are the 90s babies who grew up with no daddy and a mother who changed boyfriends as frequently as she would change her pantys. Unfortunately, these young men due to their violent nature and quick temperedness pretty much do the work of law enforcement by killing each other.

    The sad part of this scenario, is the waste of resources to bring these animals from adolescent to adulthood, and of course the babies they produce with the she-beasts.

    We are unfortunately trapped in the crosshairs of these young men because as a society we failed to install preventive measures such as:

    Government sponsored abortion programs for unwed mothers.

    Court mandated and enforced child support payments for men, for eg., $500 per child payable to the court with mandatory 3 months imprisonment for default on a payment.

    Mandatory counselling at Sandilands of females who can’t keep their legs close.

    I leave by saying that recently I came across a scene at Supervalue Blue Hill where I observed a she-beast no more than 23 yrs of age with 4 young children, three boys one girl, in tow. Unfortunately these will be the killers of tomorrow.

  8. Everyday someone gettin kill like hogs, murders goin to jail comin out on bail to kill again,n again when is this bull shit goin to stop in this bahama land. jug head u need to get it together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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