Evidence of abuse of the 52-week programme!


Rabid FNM 52-week-workers have more power in North Andros than the Permanent and Pensionable Government Employees – WHAT IS THIS?

Brensil Rolle Minister for Public Service.

NASSAU| Well, after the Minnis Government started funding to preschools, we knew all hell was “ga” break loose inside the public purse and look at what we have uncovered at BP.

We are learning how a preschool in North Andros name New Beginnings, owned by bigtime FNM supporters, has terminated the services of their staff and replaced them with publicly funded 52-weeks-workers.

The decision to fire staff and replacing them with temporary government paid workers in private companies must be a win-win at the expense of taxpayers [YOU]!

BP can also report another 52-weeks-worker who was placed at a local motel in the north owned by big-time PLP supporters was removed from that motel and sent to work at a bar in Lowe Sound owned by PM Minnis’ top general and confidant on the island.

In North Andros the 52-weeks-workers are being allowed to sign attendance registers in advance for days those workers have failed to show up to work!

Additionally, supervisors at the government agencies across Andros are afraid to reprimand the 52-weeks-workers for fear of being victimized or dismissed from the public service.

The programme titled 52-week Skills and Empowerment Programme rolled out back in 2018 for unemployed persons between the ages of 19 years to 30 years to develop hands-on skills and find gainful employment.

The facts are that in the North Andros community, Political Cronies are dictating to the government heads of departments like the tail wagging the dog! Even the police are intimidated about doing their jobs for fear of being transferred. Well, what is this – as Hitler’s blanket comes alive through the Minnis Regime!

We report yinner decide!