Five people may be dead named on Government Boards and known FNMs appointed Chairmen


New PLP government not ready on day one! Government Boards confirm the saying..."I see dead people!"

The more things change the more they remain the same…Christie late again and not ready on day one!

Nassau, Bahamas — Opposition leader Dr. Hubert Minnis is getting set to take over his Party and ratify his new candidate for North Abaco.

According to sources deep in the FNM, this Thursday Dr. Minnis will interview his candidates for the constituency to replace former Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham. And come next Thursday, July 19th, the Party will ratify the candidate who will contest the seat in the upcoming by-election.

We can tell you the move represents what is already great change in the FNM, which is becoming more democratic and infused with new blood by the day. Dr. Minnis and his sexy deputy is gathering wide support across the country as they stopped on weekend tours last week.

Meanwhile, the PLP is once again bungling, dithering, tripping down and making missteps by the day and, from the looks of its board appointments, they are going nowhere fast.

At least five of the persons announced in Monday’s list may have already expired from the earth, a sad fact which proves the exercise was merely a cut and paste one.

Additionally, the question is being put, why were new generation leaders left holding the bag and outside the door on board appointments while Christie made it clear that FNMs, a known FNM like Barbara Donathan, the secretary for the Leader of the Opposition, was made the cut as Chairman of the Pharmacy Council.

One PLP told BP, “This proves that nothing has changed for the scores of PLPs who supported the government in the last election. It is clear we are starting off on the wrong foot. Senior FNM advisors are advising the government and a retired 82 year-old are all in the OPM making sure Christie lives up to his ‘Late Again’ name.”

Boy, this some **** eh?

We report yinner decide!