FNM and the Tribune put an FNM DOG before an elderly woman assulted on Nomination Day


What has women done to the FNM for them to attack them so? Elderly woman hit with missle in Farm Road as she returned home from nomination day.

The FNM attack of an elderly woman vs the dog

Nassau, Bahamas — The FNM has come to a new low in showing its disgust with the Bahamian people.

This morning the FNM paraded a dog in the road sprayed with the words FNM on it.

We at Bahamas Press know the dog is the potcake of a known FNM who wanted its pet paraded around in colours like him.

But look what they have reduced the Bahamian people to. DOGS!~

When a grandmother and resident of Masons Addison was assaulted with a flying missile and almost lost her eye where was the Tribune? Where was the TORCH?

It is no wonder the FNM is losing. They are more concerned about an FNM pet than they are with the attack by FNMs on an elderly woman. ITS UNBELIEVABLE!

They passed laws to protect the dog, the cat, the rat, the turtle and the shark and the hog while more than 495 residents were slaughtered night and day in the streets of the country. They do not believe in Bahamians and would put the dog before an elderly woman? NO DAMN SHAME!!

We report yinner decide!