FNM Government using taxpayer’s money to bribe votes in Fort Charlotte


Hubert Ingaham and Zhivargo Laing has wrecked the Bahamian econcomy. Both FAILURES WANT ANOTHER TERM but is running from their record.

Vote buying now in Fort Charlotte by the FNM – The FNM is paying $7,500 for each vote…

Nassau, Bahamas Bahamas Press is gathering details this afternoon after insiders in the Ministry of Finance have confirmed that the Government of the Bahamas is now involved in the exercise of bribing voters in the Fort Charlotte Constituency.

Last evening, participants from both Grand Bahama and Nassau, were recipients of the Government issued $7,500 – seven thousand five hundred dollar – cheques to some seventy plus persons in its Jumpstart Programme.

Sources deep in the belly of the Finance Department tell us some 90% of the persons collecting the funds last night reside in the Fort Charlotte Constituency and are said to be operatives of the FNM.

While mothers are struggling and thousands are being evicted out of their homes, the FNM has found millions in taxpayers’ money to give away to its cronies. What a blatant wastage of limited resources.

Sources tell us that the SHAMELESS uncouth exercise is all in an attempt by the FNM to secure votes in the Fort Charlotte Constituency to help its fleeing failed candidate of Marco City, Zhivargo ‘Mona Vie’ Laing.

We can report, according to our sources, that some of the persons collecting cheques last night are over the age of 60-years-old and are said to also be collecting cheques from National Insurance.

Amazingly, when ZNS aired the event last night in its 11pm newscast, none of the recipients gathered in the room were shown on television – except for three ladies.

BP agents in the room tell us the room was filled with FNM goons and the political junta of the Party.

Taxpayers’ hard earned money spent to buy votes. We are told some $1.1 million dollars in taxpayers money will be paid out by the public purse. SHAMELESS!!!!

We report yinner decide!