Former Cabinet Minister crashed under the influence


Former Minister of Labour Dion Foulkes crash under the influence.

Drinking and driving KILLS!!! WHEN WE GA LEARN?

Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking News coming into Bahamas Press this afternoon following that mishap involving former Cabinet Minister, Dion Foulkes, confirms the former Senator was under the influence.

BP has seen the medical report and can confirm Foulkes was ‘pissy’ drunk with high alcohol levels when the mishap occurred.

Yesterday afternoon Foulkes had to be taken to hospital after he wrote off his vehicle.

Sources on the ground tell us the former minister was very disoriented and was unable to pronounce his name as he failed to respond to persons racing to his aid.

He was overheard later in hospital saying, “Why Papa did this to me?”

The inebriated former minister sat the night out in hospital until he sobered up.

BP is happy that Foulkes has quickly recovered and that the incident was not worse, however we warn him to stop drinking and driving. It is not good!

We are told the former minister, along with the Pillsbury, are hitting the bottle hard to drown their sorrows after being rejected by the people.

He is the second former Cabinet Minister to write-off a vehicle in two months. The first was his colleague Phenton Neymour, who, just days before the election, wrote-off his government vehicle as he recklessly overtook on the airport road and left the scene of the accident.

We report yinner decide!