Former DNA candidate is a free man and charges dropped over his head


Courts drop case after evidence vanishes from prosecutor – there ya have it!

Nassau, Bahamas — Updates from the courts this week report a former DNA candidate, Delano Munroe, is cleared of charges of alleged stealing from the Junior Achievement Program.

Delano Munroe is a free man, but starts up another similar JA type program.

We at BP first questioned whether the DNA had a real vetting team, because, if they did, more than a quarter of its candidates would not have been ratified.

Munroe, who was the longest serving Program Manager for Junior Achievement Bahamas, a position he has held for more than ten years, was charged before a magistrate for “Thiefin” money in the organization.

Well, that case was thrown out today as the crown failed to show evidence of such and therefore the matter was dismissed.

Last week Junior Achievement denied being partners with another program designed to be a part of them. It is alleged Munroe has organized another youth program that is now driving competition with JA!

One would think after that rocky ordeal no one would want to deal with anything that looks like JA, but Munroe cannot help it, he is back at it again!

Bahamas Press
is asking one question: Why all these big man so like to be around people children?

We report yinner decide!