Former President of Funeral Directors Association in the Bahamas now fitted with an ankle bracelet after being accused of robbing the dead!

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NASSAU| A former President of the United Funeral Director’s Association of The Bahamas has landed himself on the wrong side of the law and has been fitted with an ankle bracelet after being accused of – get this – robbing da dead and the deceased’s family.

BP is learning the director, who once operated a very successful funeral home in the capital, could now be headed to the big dollhouse in Fox Hill.

The director, we understand, withheld money paid down on a funeral service and then turned around, amidst great grief and sorrow, and kept $15,000 he collected from the insurance of the victim.

A no-nonsense magistrate read the charges to the director who was a silent as death and sweating profusely as if he was about to be crucified.  The director, silent as a lamb about to be slaughtered, pleaded not guilty to the charge and will return to court to have the matter heard.

Meanwhile, the director, who is now known by BP as “Da Embalmer”, has been fitted with the latest state-of-the-art ankle bracelet which, if the right button is touched, can play funeral music if his bail is violated.

Some, however, put nothing past the man who would go so low as to steal from the dead. One funeral operator added, “Don’t be surprised if he does not remove that bracelet and bury it with another victim.” Beware of “Da Embalmer” who we understand is doing freelance work these days for his few friends in the business.

And guess what? He is a bigtime FNM.

We report yinner decide!