Former T- Connections singer, Berkley Van Byrd rushed to hospital – BLOOD NEEDED!!!


Former T- Connections singer, Berkley Van Byrd

Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press is reporting there is a second local artist that has taken ill and is at this hour listed in critical condition in hospital.

Former T- Connections singer, Berkley Van Byrd, has suffered an aneurysm and is at this hour in urgent need of blood.

Sources have confirmed the popular singer will need an urgent operation.

For over thirty years, Berkeley has been entertaining and performing for audiences all over the world.

His consistent work ethic of professionalism and originality has uplifted him to the highest level of performance as compared to anyone.

He has made The Bahamas proud in being a part of a band that was one of the first Bahamian groups to gain international acclaim.

The group, T-Connection, was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1978.

He is the second artist to require immediate surgery following illness in the past few weeks. Popular songbird Terz Hepburn was also rushed to hospital some weeks back following a stroke. She is still recovering.


  1. T- Connection was the Band that put the Bahamas on the map internationally in the music scene back in the day. I recall hanging out regularly on the weekends at the Connection Room in Freeport after teaching all week at Hawksbill High School. The Connection Room and T-Connection was part of what made Freeport “The Magic City”….

    Saturday Night, The Best of my Love and Midnight are the three selections that endear me the most to that era… May God bless him with a full recovery.

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