Fort Charlotte MP Andre Rollins is one New Generation Leader that has FAILED one year later!


New Generation Leaders have lost their steam in the New PLP Government!

Dr. Andre Rollins MP for Fort Charlotte

Nassau, Bahamas –– One year later and the New Generation Government of the PLP is already on the shelf like stale bread, rotting away with mold.

The mold is so contagious that it is now gathering around the building of the OPM and is overtaking it like a plague of locusts sweeping Africa.

The PLP is in trouble already less than one year after having assumed office. Labour unrest is on the rise; unemployment remains the same; thousands of Bahamians are still without light; mortgages are still in foreclosure and the treasury is still broke.

In addition to that, the new generation team of the PLP has shown no sign whatsoever of having the gusto to turn things around.


Today’s report takes Bahamas Press into the constituency of Fort Charlotte and puts under the microscope its MP: Andre Rollins.

We can assume that it is safe to suggest that his opponent, former Minister of State Zhivargo Laing – who got paid more than his colleagues, was clearly not a better candidate than Rollins at the time.

Rollins represented promise. He represented the future. He represented hope for young people in a new PLP. But one year later, the chickens have come home to roost.

Fort Charlotte is no better today than it was before May 7th 2012. Its unaccountable MP has yet to broadly engage the community on what in the hell he is doing or what is his plans are for the constituency.

Today Fort Charlotte is a melting pot of unemployment. The tight residential community is rocked with crime, youth unemployment remains the same in the area and today, the hopes, dreams and aspirations of the people in that lovely part of New Providence are being destroyed by the disastrous standing PLP MP!

And, if you don’t believe us, just ask the young 18 year-old woman, who had to forfeit college on St. Alban’s Drive, who told us how she was the only person in and out of a part-time job in her household.

“We have not had light in 2 years,” she exclaimed. “The country is not in a recession anymore. I honestly believe we are in a depression. And what I see happening to this community breaks my heart. Where do I go? I had to place my education on hold, and every day I am fighting to look for a new job. It is rough!”

BP’s team on the ground in the Fort Charlotte constituency combed the area, assessing the damage. What was evident is that the assumed “Mayor” and PLP MP in the area is like HoudiniUNSEEN, INVISIBLE And IS UNNOTICED by members of the community one year since his election victory at the polls.

Andre Rollins chairs the Gaming Board of the Bahamas and presided over a referendum – cut yinner know what we want say – in January of this year.

One year later and the gambling issue met by his government remains the same. Even after millions were spent at the polls – millions which could have  been better spent to help the people of Fort Charlotte.

Fort Charlotte needs change – change from a failed MP whose most memorable statement on the floor of the House is to tell the Bahamian people, though still single, that he is 100% Heterosexual!

Oh, please, GO GET A LIFE!

Bahamians in Fort Charlotte need to hear their MP expound on job creation. They need to be inspired! They need to hear the words “hang in there”. They need encouragement that things are set to get better and they need to know when their MP will speak for them and not for himself.

One year later and Fort Charlotte is collecting into the “FAILURE” box! Its MP should do the honourble thing: pack his bags and tell Christie he has had enough! And go live heterosexually behind closed doors!

We Need Change!