Friends, Family and Lovers! NIB UNDER SEIGE AS Hubert Ingraham did nothing! – SHAMELESS!


A BP EXCLUSIVE  — NIB Board recommends to termination of Cargill, King and Wells

Algernon Cargill - Director of NIB now under the gun!

Nassau, Bahamas — With only Bahamas Press breaking the plethora of corruption, scandal and wastage deep within the National Insurance Board, we have now gotten word that Algernon Cargill is about to get sacked.

Documents shown to Bahamas Press and now forwarded to the Cabinet of the Bahamas revealed that the Board in late October – after concluding an investigation of the operations at NIB – has unanimously recommended the termination of Cargill, Richanda King and Raymond Wells.

We can report the decisions stem from a number of incidents that have led to a cloud of conflicts of interest, where the Board may have been used as a slush fund under the former administration.

In a 22-page termination decision by the Board, investigations revealed serious and dangerous allegations at NIB; including sex and padded contracts awarded and dispersed to friends, families and lovers.

In one section of the report the board expressed concern about the expenditure in the amount of some $240,000 in credit card payments used by a senior executive.  It cannot be accounted for and no statement to account for the expenditures can be found by NIB!


Further, investigations by the Board revealed that NIB received no Bank Statements to account for the thousands maxed out on credit cards used by the senior executive manager. WHAT IN THE HELL IS THIS!

Revelations exposed in the letter now headed to the Cabinet revealed how a vendor cleaning the parking lights at NIB’s head office was paid more than $22,000 and removing the pole carrying the flag of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas cost taxpayers more than $5,000!

BP would have done this FREE of Charge!

BP was on this NIB scandal more than two years – NOTHING WAS DONE!

Former Prime Minister and Minister with responsibility for NIB never answered questions put to him on the record of the House of Assembly by the present Minister.

Talk about hands in the Cookie Jar? [YA LOCKUP!]

Not one newspaper or media house –INCLUDING THE WICKED WITCH OF THE EAST –  joined Bahamas Press in revealing the incidents being committed at NIB; including the ordering of Fiji water for the executive director. We were relentless in seeing that the those who robbed, pillaged, and hoodwinked the country are thrown under the jailhouse for their backside rape of the Bahamian people!

It is no wonder contributions at NIB had to increase. Now you and the Cabinet will see why.

Meanwhile, Bahamas Press is scaling the walls at the Ministry of Tourism.

We are awaiting the much promised report from the Minister of Tourism, Obadiah Hercules Wilchcome, on the outcome of the investigations into allegations made known and published by BP on the former Minister of Tourism Vincent Vanderpool Wallace.

We will not give this up! There will be no retreat and no surrender until the findings are PUBLISHED and made known to the Bahamian people!

We report Christie has to decide! BAM BAM BAM!

Citizens’ Review: Student Discussion Forum, C.O.B (November 5, 2012) from CITIZENS' REVIEW on Vimeo.