Gangsters in Prince Hall Lodge Part 4 – Drunkard in on the orgies with Da Tief!


Election is today and well they know BP don’t play! – VOTE FOR THE FRAUDSTER, THE TIEF, THE DRUNKARD OR THE PROSTITUTE! It’s decision day in Prince Hall!

Dress in regalia at the right in this photo is Rudolph Laroda King aka Rudolph Kermit King aka Dr. Rudolph Laroda! Boy I tell ya! Mama say there will be days like dis!

Nassau, Bahamas — It was raining so BP had to rest down its shovel and stop digging around the Prince Hall Lodge building where God knows plenty skeletons and information buried. Rain stopped a little yesterday just enough for BP to take a brand new shovel and do some minor digging.

Some real dirty people are inside this lodge and BP trying to understand how all of them got together in there. While BP was digging, the usual gangsters, thieves and thugs waltzed in and out of the club owned by one of the biggest gangsters in Prince Hall ….. but that was not all we saw.

We saw the second man in charge of Royal Eagle Lodge, better known to us as Da Tief, with a big cigar in his mouth bragging about what all he is going to do when he reigns as Worshipful Master of that lodge. We paid no attention to him and continued digging until we hit some new information.

BP never really took a good look at the third man in charge of that lodge who will be second in command if Da Tief gets his wish. The third man is another do nothing man. He gets drunk at every opportunity and is also in on the orgies with Da Tief.

This man can hardly read a sentence in the halls of lodge without stuttering and is very unreliable but is allowed to do what he wants because the half pint worshipful master is too busy chasing gown tail out west to do his job.

BP already told you about how the do nothing and good for nothing secretary and treasurer do their job and it’s a mystery to the members of Royal Eagle Lodge what money is in the bank and what money is being spent.

All the members know is that the worshipful master, Da Tief and the spoiled brat, biggety journalist who lives out west is living in style off that lodge. What BP wants to know is why is it that nothing is being done about this situation.

Good men are in Royal Eagle Lodge who can run that lodge and bring it back to the #1 status that it was in but because this sweethearting half pint worshipful master and his merry men Da Tief, Da Drunk and the two drunks who play the role of secretary and treasurer have made the lodge into one, big party of drinking, smoking and sweethearting, the good guys are looked upon in scorn.

How can these members try to put Da Tief in charge of their lodge and its finances? What do the elders have to say about that?

BP can see that Royal Eagle Lodge has gone to the dogs.

Just two years ago that lodge had the chance of putting in a deserving mason as the worshipful master but the party central decided to vote for a man who doesn’t care about the lodge and blames his mysterious and constant absenteeism from all lodge functions on his job when he is really out on the town with that journalist better known to us as the former Hubert Ingraham lackey.

The lovesick worshipful master has no interest about anything in Prince Hall Lodge besides that girl who he will cut a lodge meeting short just to go see.

We are sure he will be glad to hand over the lodge to Da Tief soon just to free himself of all responsibilities because he done get all he need from the lodge money to satisfy his needs and the needs of that biggety, journalist gal from out west.

BP learning now that dis ting between the half pint worshipful master and the half pint, biggety journalist has been going on for years and no one said a word. The half pint worshipful master better watch out he get roached because BP just spot that same half pint journalist out west in a popular watering hole with that “pretty boy” lawyer we all know about.

That wasn’t no innocent hugging either.

Now here is what is set to happen. Da love sick, half pint, worshipful master will recommend that Da Tief be the next worshipful master, then Da Drunk will be the second man in charge, then the two drunks, the secretary and treasurer will move up in the chain of command. More tiefin’ will be taking place and the membership will fall off and the lodge will go further down the drain.

Now is this what the membership of Royal Eagle Lodge really want?

We report and yinner decide TONIGHT!!