Glenn Gomez sacked after FNM goon caught bringing in election material

Floyd Wilmott in his dingy red reciving his $8.6 million contract from National Insurance for the Sandilands Robert Smith Centre. The Building is yet to be completed after two years the contract was issued.

Eight point six million spent on a building seventy-five percent completed at the time however it is still unfinished…

Nassau, Bahamas
Bahamas Press has learnt breaking developments in the Finance Department reports Comptroller of Customs Glenn Gomez has been sacked.

Developments reaching the desk of BP late last night confirmed the Customs head was ordered to pack up his bags and clear out following his refusal to comply with direct orders from the Minister.

Now, you would remember Gomez was the character who facilitated the illegal terminations of Customs Officers when scores of them were sent home. We are told his axing came just after Wilmott brought in a 53-foot container. The trailer was discovered parked at the long awaited Adolescent facility at Sandilands.

Readers would remember even Tommy Turnquest was talking about some PLP trailer that was impounded by customs. Despite the fact they could not call names, the whisper continued up to last night. But here’s the real story.

Some two weeks ago, Wilmott brought in a container from the new Arawak Port loaded with items listed on the manifest as “building material”.

Glenn Gomez sent home after stopping FNM election material from clearing.

None of the contents were listed nor were the goods itemized. Days later after leaving the port facility in the dead of night without any customs clearance, the FNM henchman parked the trailer at Sandilands. Since January 2010, Wilmott had been attempting to complete the project, which has lain unfinished in Elizabeth for five years.

Floyd was awarded $8.6 million for the project, which has not been completed and plagued with numerous delays as Wilmott plays politics and is out campaigning. Sources in the FNM tell us some of the mobilization may have been used in the Elizabeth by-election and also, as in this case, used in the purchase of election material for the FNM. But get this.

As Customs officers descended on the site where the election trailer was parked, a worker on the site missed and opened the trailer and a box filled with rally material fell to the ground. The trailer was quickly locked before Customs officers could begin their inspection.

We are told that same evening, before access could be granted to the Custom inspectors, the trailer was moved to an undisclosed location.

As news about the crime circulated some two weeks ago, all of a sudden the trailer became referred to as a PLP trailer.

To further cover-up the plot, we are told a steaming Papa questioned the Comptroller as to why he sent men to search the trailer at Sandilands. Like what happened with Kenneth Russell, Gomez was ordered to leave the Customs head office by sundown and a circular concerning his demitting office was published in an interoffice memorandum.

Bahamas Press is calling on the PLP government – immediately upon taking office – to launch an investigation into suspicious contracts, many of which did not go to tender, but were granted to Floyd Wilmott’s company, Telco Enterprises.

Boy I tell ya, what goes around comes around.