Gov’t giving Light Bulbs but The Power Still Off

Nassau, Bahamas – The Ministry of the Environment will distribute free compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs in New Providence on Saturday, May 7 as part of its Promoting Energy Efficiency in Lighting Programme.

Electricity customers who use less than 600 kWh (kilowatt hours) of energy per month, on average, are eligible to benefit. Such customers should have received a letter from the Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) notifying them of their eligibility. Persons who have not received a letter can contact BEC to find out if they qualify to receive the CFL bulbs.

Those who qualify are invited to exchange up to five working regular bulbs (incandescent) for CFLs at any of the following public parks – Christie, Windsor, Clifford, Elizabeth Estates, AF Adderley, Golden Gates, Pinewood Gardens Community, or at the Mall at Marathon, or SC McPherson Junior High School, from 10am to 3pm on Saturday.

Participating customers are required to bring to one of the listed distribution centres a valid photo ID along with their confirmation letter from BEC and the regular bulbs they are exchanging.

The Promoting Energy Efficiency in Lighting Programme is funded by a grant from the Inter-American Bank (IDB) and the Global Environment Facility (GEF). This initiative seeks to reduce household energy costs, minimize the energy requirements of BEC, and reduce the environmental impact of fossil fuels. The Ministry plans to distribute 270,000 CFL bulbs nationwide.


  1. I kept trying to post this comment until I post it under the wrong heading, but this is where it should have gone.

    How things looking many people will remain stumbling around in the dark until we get rid of this wicked and vindictive government, who don’t believe in empowering the average Bahamians, so they would be able to provide for themselves and their families and be able to buy their own d*mn light bulbs, instead of always looking to them for handouts all the time and then they expect us to do an act of worship because of it.

    • You contradicying yourself. You lookin fa handouts, cus you expect the government to pay your light bill so your power could get turn on, and then you or whomever could find use for the bulbs. Pay your own light bill, get your light turn back on, and if you don’t want the free bulbs, JUST DON’T GO AND GET THEM! How hard is that to understand? Smt.

      • CC, I know you are enjoying all this attention that I am giving your comments and really you ought to consider yourself as being very fortunate to have me here dialoguing with you like this, because I seldom waste my precious time on engaging in conversation with foolish people like you. Now, in case you are suffering from some type of memory lost, because I am aware of the fact that a lot persons are going through some sort of pressure right now, I would advise you to go back and read over our previous comments and if you still don’t get it, see if you could get someone to explain it to you.

        • Miss Kim Sands, perhaps when I go to my office tomorrow where I manage a departmental staff of 25, I will have one of them explain to me why I shouldn’t take free light bulbs the govenment is giving away. Or maybe I will peruse my Master’s Degree and see if it says anything about free lightbulb give-a-aways. Or perhaps I will keep asking you to explain it over and over again, when you get that lunch break from Burger King, where I am sure you are employed. ou can comment again if you wish, but I will not see it, and so there will be no further responses from me. I am done with this topic. On to more important things…

          • Well who you screwing? It is obvious to see you don’t have any sense to be in charge of no 25 persons, unless they are mentally retarded or something and still they shouldn’t even be leaving you in charge of them when you need some serious help yourself.

  2. So people whi power off, ain NEVER inted ta pay to get it turn back on? Smt. If ya dont want da dam light bulbs, then jus dont dam go for dem. That’s more bulbs fa me.

    • Cheaper you get the light bulbs if you are able to benefit from them, because many people can’t afford to pay their bills right now. The sad part about it, they don‘t even have a clue as to when they will be able to pay it again. D*mn, they having a difficult time just struggling to find food to eat. Having those light bulbs there and just looking at them and not knowing when they will be able to use them, will only make them more depress.

  3. Hey Kim Sands,

    You’re wrong on this one. All the money was granted by two international agencies. Not one penny in our tax money is being used.

    Also, the rules are very strict and are being administered with close supervision so the massive ripoffs like those that happened in Jamaica won’t happen here.

    So Kim, here’s a program that will save us, the common people a lot of money, it doesn’t cost us a penny and yet you still complain.

    There are many things I don’t like about this administration, but this is not one of them.

    • Hey nsmith,

      Complaining? I am not complaining, I am just telling it the way it is. The point is they are not paying for them and I know how petty this government could be, they would use this to throw in our faces like it’s their personal monies they are spending to purchase these light bulbs. I just want them to know we are not stupid. Whatever they doing for the citizens of this country either our monies are funding it or someone donated the monies to them in order to make it happen, so I don’t want them bigging up their chests and run out like it’s their monies they are using. Now, if I was wrong in thinking the taxpayer were fitting the bill for those light bulbs, well I stand corrected and I am glad to hear the bulbs are being closely monitored, because I know personally the damages some of these public official would do if you give them half a chance.

      • The roadworks, national drug plan, new governemnt buildings, public education system, PMH, etc, etc are ALL PAID FOR BY TAXPAYERS! Do you not understand that the Public Tresury cocnsists of the taxes collected from citizens by the government? Do you really believe that the government uses their own personal funds to run the nation? Please tell me you are a bit more educated than that; even my daughter in primary school knows better.So you really believe that a DNA or PLP government would abolish all taxes, and use the money from their personal bank accounts to build the country? It sounds like that;s what you believe. How old are you and what level of education do you have?

        • CC, I think you need to go and chat with your daughter who said is in primary school, because I think she would be able to show you that was the same point, I that was making.

    • @msmith
      You try and give the impression that the funds for the roadwork is pro gratis that is untrue as the taxpayers will have to repay the loan.The roadwork money is a loan and we the taxpayers will have to repay.So please correct your insinuations.

  4. You don’t want hear them throwing these light bulbs in the people’s faces during their election campaign and bigging up their chest, talking about, “this caring government give you all light bulbs.” It don’t matter though, because when look at it the monies are not coming directly from their pockets, that’s the people monies they spending and you know more than likely their families and sweethearts were the first to receive theirs. Another thing, most of the people who are entitled to receive the light bulbs are not going, because their lights are off to begin with, so what they are going do with them?

  5. The recycling depot has accepted fluorescent tube light bulbs for three years, but they had to be shipped away to be recycled at a cost of 26 cents per foot.

    • @Bulbs
      Thanks for the information as the Govt might now find ways to have the recycling take place in our country thus creating jobs.I will repeat what I have said before that Govts are there for creating advantages for their bosses(the Bahamian people).No thumping of chests during the campaigning will move anyone who have suffered punishment these past 4 years.

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