Haitians Prepare to Take over Numbers Racket


Haitian Community set to WIN as Bahamian Gambling Businesses will be ordered to shutdown!

Haitians number bosses are set to win!

Nassau, Bahamas — Haitians are preparing to reap a windfall as they expect that the Bahamians will be ordered out of the gambling business next month and their Web shops closed down.

The country was unwittingly thrown into conundrum as the Web Shop bosses and a few pastors launched a fierce battle for the souls and minds of their shared constituency (the Bahamian middle and working class poor).

Both the Pastors and the Bosses viewed this constituency as their main feeding ground.

The Pastors became convinced that had the Number Boys won the Referendum, the Liquidity of their members would have been severely affected, so they launched a ferocious “Vote No!” campaign which some genuine Christians have compared to the Battle waged for the control of Heaven when Lucifer and his band of evil angels were defeated and driven from Heaven by the Archangel Michael.

One observer noted that when he passed some of the church leaders campaign meetings he thought they had arranged a meeting with the number boys due to the number of “in the year expensive rides” in the church yards.

Both the Pastors and the Bosses campaign was: “We can’t afford to lose!”

Over the past few weeks the Haitian Bosses have been contacting their old Bahamian “Street Bookies,” who had been put out of business by the new Number Bosses.

They were informed that they could prepare to re-enter the business when the Web shops were closed down.

Police admit that while it is a straightforward matter of closing the Web shops, it would be quite a different matter trying to track down Haitian Bosses in the middle of Nassau, Abaco and Grand Bahama Shantytowns.



  1. Why should Haitians decide or vote on Bahamian land. The gambling isn’t for Bahamians its for tourist. It’s to bring more money into the country. That’s how The Bahamas earn money, through tourism. If they are so worried about biblical rules then the bars , and other places should be shut down too.

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