Halsbury Chambers to Host 9th Annual Free Legal Clinic


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Branville McCartney and Nerissa Greene, Partners, Harlbury Chambers

Halsbury Chambers will hosts its 9th Annual Free Legal Clinic

Nassau, Bahamas – The progressive firm of Halsbury Chambers will hosts its 9th Annual Free Legal Clinic, under the theme “Information You Need for the Life You Want” on Saturday the 21st September 2013 at its law office located on Village Road from 9am to 3pm.

Launched in 2004 as a community outreach effort to provide free legal advice and bridge the gap between the legal community and the public, the free clinics in the past have attracted hundreds of persons.

Nerissa Greene, Partner at the law firm, said that, “attorneys will be available from 9am to 3pm to give free legal advice on a wide range of legal issues such as mortgages, conveyances, wills, probate, divorces, adoption, personal injury, wrongful dismissal, immigration applications, trade marks, copyright and formation of companies”.  Greene stated that persons can call the law firm at 393-4551 to make an appointment to consult with an attorney free of charge on Saturday, the 21st September 2013.

Greene expressed her excitement about the fact that Halsbury Chambers believes in giving back.  “If I am correct, no other law firm has taken such a bold position consistently for the last 9 years!” Ms. Greene acknowledged that although she is most grateful for the attorneys in her firm for volunteering their time and effort, it must be acknowledged that the events, past and present, would not have been a reality if it were not for Halsbury Chambers Management team and support staff.

“I am most pleased that the firm has continued with such a wonderful community service, even during the rough economic climate, when I think it is most needed” said Branville McCartney, Founding Partner of the firm.  “I have had a significant number of persons approach me over the years and told me that they benefited greatly from these Free legal Clinics.  I would certainly encourage all persons to take advantage of the opportunity” said McCartney.

When the firm introduced the free legal clinic in 2004,  Branville McCartney said he wanted to close the perceived gap between the legal fraternity and the general public, claiming that even the word fraternity hinted at an almost unapproachable social standing. From their inception, the clinics have become a Fall calendar fixture, drawing hundreds. The concept has since been taken on the road to Family Islands and at various times has included expert guest speakers, all exercises which McCartney says “helps to take the mystery out of a profession that goes by its own name, legalese. The Halsbury Chambers Free Legal Clinics bring lawyers and the public closer together and they are our way of giving back.”

Halsbury Chambers is a full service law firm.  It is the only law firm in the Bahamas to be a member of the International Lawyers Network (ILN); an association of 91 high quality full service law firms with over 5000 lawyers world wide.  The network provides clients with easily accessible legal services in 70 countries on six continents. In 1996 Halsbury Chambers hosted an International Lawyers conference at Atlantis.  Hundreds of persons were in attendance from countries around the world and perhaps the first of its kind ever in the Bahamas.