Hubert Ingraham hints defeat at the polls in South Abaco


Hubert Ingraham on the campaign trail in a family island.

Ingraham Government could lose strongholds seats in North Eleuthera and Long Island polls suggest

Nassau, Bahamas –The man who has led the FNM into three general election victories could perhaps be showing party supporters his time has come in politics.

Prime Minister The Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham was mellow in West Grand Bahama last night as he presented Pekeisha Parker-Edgecombe to the community.

The mellow feelings of the PM through his recent statements could be results of damaging polls, which is not in favour with his FNM government.

BBB Analytics confirms if elections were held today the PLP would be declared the winners of the 2012 general elections.

Polls taken also indicated signs that the economy of the Bahamas is still slowly recovering. Department of Statistics revealed this week that the cost of gas is once again on the rise and could affect businesses in a major way.

According to a Nassau Guardian report, the average price of gas in New Providence in 2011 came in at $5.17 per gallon. That compares with $4.34 in 2010 and $3.83 in 2009.

According to the paper, last year, the price of gas hit a high of $5.60 in June. Exports tell us further increase this year could exceed 2011 hikes.

A recent poll taken by BBB suggest more than 76% of persons surveyed are not pleased with the management of the Bahamian economy by the Government. Some 69% polled suggest they were better off prior to 2007 than they are today.

Meanwhile, as every constituency on the island of New Providence and Grand Bahama has been showing the FNM the hand writing on the wall, Papa and his crew of croonies relished the nostalgia of what use to be; as he was treated to a night of fanfare of mainly Coopers Town FNM supporters.

The South Central FNM headquarters opening Tuesday night showed few supporters from the South and Central.

Ingraham prepped his supporters for defeat by reminding them of a statement whispered to him former leader of the FNM Sir Kendal Isaacs: ” THOU ART ONLY A MAN” . The statement by Mr. Ingraham also reminded us of Pindling’s statement following the 1992 elections: The voice of the people is the voice of GOD!

Ingraham also told the crowd that if sent packing in the next general elections he has already cut his bait and that he’s prepared to return to Abaco as a full time fisherman. The PM is famed for his weekend trips to Abaco and returning to the capital with coolers of fish to sell and share amongst high-ranking jurist friends.

His comment though also reminded us of his words during the FNM defeat in Lizzy: We don’t need to win to keep the government!

Residents of Abaco have been the victims of massive power outages even after two brand new generators were installed at Wilson City at the taxpayer’s expense to the tune of $100 million.

These generators were the center of a major controversy that erupted on that northern Island as the fuel to run them have been scientifically proven to cause cancer.

However, back at the ranch where the horses eat hey, Papa has major problems in Grand Bahama.

A PLP rally on that island outnumbered the FNM 3 to 1. An unemployed 28 year-old woman from Eight Mile Rock told BP, “The energy at the PLP event was electrifying. It was like we are giving birth to a new day in the Bahamas all over again. I am unemployed. I have been without a job since early 2011. The government has not attracted a single new investment to the country. We cannot continue like this.”

And while thousands on Grand Bahamians fall in this category, we know thousands more are out of work, while the government is granting permits in record speed.

We report Yinner decide!

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