Hundreds of FNM supporters gathered on Arawak Cay for Grill and Chill

Hundreds of FNM supporters gathered on Arawak Cay for the Annual Gril and Chill.

Nassau, Bahamas — If you were on the Cay as we were Saturday you would have notice the FNM’s massive Grill and Chill event turned fair over the weekend.

The turnout was huge, far more supporters attended than the DNA’s event two weeks earlier.

Mama meets Papa at Grill and Chill. FNM massive support trumped DNA's picnic event last week.

The event was a smashing success. Papa was there on the ground meeting with the locals; shaking hands and offering advices to supporters to quickly get registered.

Ingraham in a display of readiness, ordered every general in every constituency to meet him in the gazebo at Arawak Cay. Papa is getting ready to ring ‘da’ bell.

The support was shocking. BP was surprise. We became paralyzed when it was time to take pictures. We could not believe the FNM had still such massive support.

Papa we are told shock hands with supporters as he directed many unemployed to register for the JOB programme set to begin this coming June. [See below]


  1. This is one of the happiest moment I have seen with Papa in a while. It seems the big turn out of supporters made him felt even more confident that the budget was able to do the trick and people are now prepared to put the suffering that they had to endure over of the last 4yrs. behind them.

  2. BP, On another website i read a different story. They are reporting the OPPOSITE. Under the heading “FNM FAIR FLOPS”
    It reads as follows, “The concensus is that the FNM’s cook-out, grill & chill, steak-out, whatever you want to call it on Saturday May 28th was a failure.
    People counted people in the TENS, not the HUNDREDS that showed up to the green party’s do the week before. It shows that the green party is hiving off FNM members”
    I guess you all must have visited at different times during the day

    • I heard the same thing in Abaco this, a friend said he went to both rally’s and the DNA had a couple thousand and the FNM had a couple hundred.
      BP must be FNM like peeps used to say the guardian was PLP

  3. Well mother sick, someone got fired and you’ll were forced to report the truth for once aye. The Fing FNM are here to stay. We don’t need any DNA cause we know who our PAPA is, nah report that.

  4. BP this is by far the fairest report you have given to a political party that you differ with. I am suprise, keep up the unbiased reporting and your rating will continue to grow good job.

  5. Any one would take words and immediate actions of others that they would do as they say. The real test comes when they do the opposite after the vote is cast and act as though you owe them reverence while they do nothing that is expected of reasonable elected members being servants and without favor, malice or ill will do their assignment for the good of the country as a whole.

    • Dumb daddy, dumber son.

      It’s official. Bahamians are the stupidest people on the planet. Either that or they really greedy. Which we already know is true. This y’all country y’all dooming. All I can do for myself is get off this sinking ship.

  6. BP have you considered that it was well attended because many Bahamian families have been able to afford fish for longer than they wish to remember? This entire fish fry is pretty sad news when a job fair is being hosted by a political party, who just happens to be the government of the day. No reigning government should be politicizing the future of our youth. I cry shame, shame, and shame on this FNM cabinet. This not only smells of using the people’s treasury to fund their reelection campaign, it’s exactly what it is. It is a just another FNM snow job posing as a youth job fair. Once again this FNM cabinet is up to their eyeballs, using trickery to convince Bahamians (and Haitians) to reelect them. Is this the same FNM cabinet that ordered that the paycheques of all the BTC union employees who dared to show up in Rawson Square to legally protest the sale of BTC, but doesn’t follow the advice they are quick give to new recruits coming onto the government’s payroll, that anything short of the highest order of ethics will get them fired? Folks, just maybe its time to give this FNM government taste of their own medicine?

  7. “The support was shocking. BP was surprise.”

    THIS IS A SHOCK! BP Finally ADMITS something…as they knew the FACTS would speak for themselves…and to be HONEST not all the supporters were there as alot of them are in the USA shopping for the MEMORIAL DAY weekend sales…

    PAPA is still “SIMPLY THE BEST” BP Remember that…the FNM will WIN the next election but NOT by a LANDSLIDE but PAPA will pull it off and the NEW Opposition will be the DNA!

  8. BP, do you really expect a new party to have the same size crowd as a party that has been around for years? That is not realistic to expect. What is at the heart of the matter is that a 10-15 percent break away from the FNM could be catastrophic at the polls. I think that is the major concern for papa. I must ask the question. Is the DNA scaring both the PLP and the FNM?

    • after all these years i always say how did hitler stay in power for so many years. but now i see he had support just like papa this man come form hell. and he want nothing to do with black people.but if the country is happy with him then let it be.only a fool would support this man.but dont forget your children live in this country. lets send this demond back to hell.

      • Hitler’s rise to power was due to occultic practice and while that was on the other side of the Atlantic, the country lies within the Devil’s triangle having Grand Bahama Island, in particular Freeport as the major occultic center in the world. So while everyone what the hell is going on those who know Papa is they people thriving in that center until a mysterious visitation wipes it clear. Wait and see one is on the way for what going on a wake up call got to come for Papa like Hitler to know it is time to wake up power is never everlasting and a trip down a sad end.

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