Ingraham tells Church in Abaco he gone this time – So why he didn’t invite the Press?

Former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham


Kenneth Russell tells Church His and Mr. Ingraham’s political life had come to an end!

Nassau, Bahamas — On Sunday June 24th 2012 former Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham attended the retirement Church Service of Bishop Archilus Cooper who is 81 and has been the Pastor of Faith Walk Church in Cooper’s Town, Abaco for over 50 years.

Reports that four Minsters names were placed in nomination for the vacated post, including Reverends Jackson McIntosh (who applied for the PLP nomination for the North Abaco seat in the May 7th General Elections but did an about face and supported Ingraham), Clayton McIntosh, Kenneth Major and Herbert Edgecombe .

By majority vote Rev. Herbert Edgecombe was elected to succeed Bishop Archilus Cooper as the new Pastor. Reverend Herbert Edgecombe is the brother of James Edgecombe who is a partner in the highly favoured FNM-controlled Construction Company based in Freeport and Abaco, F E S Construction Ltd.

Kenneth Russell MP for High Rock fired because he fought to put Grand Bahamians back to work.

Fletcher McIntosh, who also attended the service, is the leading shareholder and is a close cousin of Hubert Ingraham. The F E S Company has the contract for the construction of the new Marsh Harbour Airport and Tower and recently completed the new Government Administration Building in Grand Bahama.

Hubert Ingraham, who drove himself to the Church in a rental car, told the Church that Bishop Archilus Cooper was like a father to him, and thanked the Bishop and the people for supporting him over the years.

Ingraham also told the congregation that, contrary to the rumors, the real deal was that he would be stepping down from politics as the MP for North Abaco on July 19th and would be returning to private life.

Ingraham said he would keep a low profile in the up-coming bye-election. He said he still supports colour red because it is still on the move.

Former Cabinet Minister, who was refused an FNM nomination in the recent general elections, Kenneth Russell, also spoke and told the Church that he had to attend as he is related to the retiring Pastor. He said that his and Hubert Ingraham’s political lives had come to and end.

For those who may still have some doubts about Hubert Ingraham must ask themselves if Ingraham would lie in the Church of God? A hefty pension of $10,000.00 per month awaits Ingraham until dies.

By-election coming in North Abaco!

We report yinner decide!