Papa and his new found friend ELMO!

Nassau, Bahamas — Today WikiLeaks reveals former BDM leader and current FNM member, Cassius ‘ELMO’ Stuart, called Papa, Mugabe, as he was interviewed by the Americans.

Stuart likened Hubert Ingraham to former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe. He called on the Americans, according to the Cables, to do something with Papa [CI #1622] as they had a duty to protect the threat of an influx of Bahamians to the US soil, if the Bahamas became a second Haiti [FAILED STATE]. To put it bluntly, Cassius called for the American to help remove the FNM out of OFFICE!

He told the Americans he had NO CONFIDENCE IN PAPA, but yet like a thief in the night, he joined the FNM. Did the officials at the Embassy advised him to do so?

Bahamas Press hereby express our disgust by these “ACTS OF BETRAYAL”! Any person offering for political office in this country, must TAKE An OATH OF FIDELITY and pledge to the Bahamian PEOPLE THAT THEY WOULD NOT BECOME AN AGENT OF ANY FOREIGN POWERS OR PRINCIPALITIES Under the penalty of perjury! Also they must pledge the Bahamas will remain friends to all and enemies of none.

For your reference we publish the current Oath of Office taken byPrime Ministers, Cabinet Ministers, MPs, Justices of the Courts and Peace Officers like newly minted JP, Rodney ‘DaHammer’ Moncur. We call on all right thinking Bahamians to hold these public officials to the oath that they took and we will weigh them in the balance. And Whomsoever is found wanting MUST BE REJECTED FOR LACK OF TRUST!

3. Oath for the due execution of the office of Prime Minister or other Minister or Parliamentary Secretary.
I, …………………………………………………… being appointed Prime Minister/Minister/Parliamentary Secretary, do swear that I will to the best of my judgment, at all times when so required, freely give my counsel and advice to the Governor-General (or any other person for the time being lawfully performing the functions of that office) for the good management of the public affairs of The Bahamas, and I do further swear that I will not on any account, at any time whatsoever, disclose the counsel, advice, opinion or vote of any particular Minister or Parliamentary Secretary and that I will not, except with the authority of the Cabinet and to such extent as may be required for the good management of the affairs of The Bahamas, directly or indirectly reveal the business or proceedings of the Cabinet or the nature or contents of any documents communicated to me as Prime Minister/Minister/Parliamentary Secretary or any matter coming to my knowledge in my capacity as such and that in all things I will be a true and faithful Prime Minister/Minister/Parliamentary Secretary. So help me God.
4. Judicial Oath.
I, ……………………………………………… do swear that I will well and truly serve Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Her Heirs and Successors, in the office of ………………………………………. and will do right to all manner of people after the laws and usages of The Bahamas without fear or favour, affection or ill will. So help me God.


  1. Cassius has got Papa right where he wants him and if not for wikileaks the greatest trojan horse victory would have been perpetrated.Cassius better watch for jailbird Farquharson and his goon squad in the FNm as these are persons who do not want to lose power and will try and hold on at all cost.Yes I have more to disclose on the goon squad that supports the FNM.One more hint for Cassius who loves to read watch for I.I the prolific writer who does hair.

  2. I don’t think that Lady Russell really believes that Mr Stuart is an agent of the US.She just wrote that eye-catching headline to get the readers’ attention.That’s all there is to it.Besides, what possible use could Mr Stuart be to the US? I think Lady Russell and others have gone way too far on this Wikileaks story. The Bahamas is no threat to the US.Mr Stuart joined the FNM on his own volition. No foreign government coached him into doing joining the FNM. His political career was dying, and he desparately needed a major shot in the political arm to resuscitate it.Lady Russell needs to write on real,factual stories, and stop sensationalizing things. She just as well write for the National Enquirer,if she wants to be a yellow journalist.If Lady Russell and Nikki Kelly continues to hypohesize in their contributions,then they will lose their readers.They will only lose their credibility if they continue to write like this.

  3. chances are that Cassius will continue to get the sweetheart treatment up until election, but after that he will be joining the thousands of unemployed Bahamians on the line at NIB and Social Services. So, my suggestion to him would be to see how he could get Mr. Ingraham to increase the benefits in those areas before election. I feel sorry for Cassius already! Come on people, is there a chance that we can be dumb and not look it too?

  4. After hearing this, when Papa is through with him, he will wish he had never fooled himself and entered into politics and by extention joined the FNM! Papa won’t have to do much, but his FNM operatives will put Stuart through a living hell!!!!

  5. these guys are the biggest liars going around. Now that someone promised them a piece of the pie, they are ready to throw all their morals out the window. It don’t look good for you Mr. Stuart. I guess it’s best you collect your money and go hide.


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