Is the Church divided or are there just a few “MISGUIDED”?


Did members of the Christian Council agree to political parties holding rallies on the blessed day of rest?

Ranford Patterson and crew say “Don’t talk about Crime in the Bahamas”?

Bahamas Press is following comments from the Christmas Council … oops we mean the Christian Council … who always come to the public with its seasonal, LATE AGAIN politically OPAQUE and colour coded commentary masked in the cloth.

We could not help yesterday but hear leaders of the church suggest Crime should not be used as a political football in the upcoming general elections. SAY WHAAAA?

Are you serious?

It is no wonder the great master of the Universe sought to wipe the crooks in his church when he was last on earth. Someone in the Christian Council must have smoked a 10 foot long weed stick when they came to the public with that statement.

After a year when two pastors were “CONVICTED” for molesting lil children and following the most heinous, scandalous, record-breaking year of murders in 2011, the last comment coming out of the Christian Council should be the attempt to hush the debate on crime.

After months of maiming, hacking and botching by barbarians who have held cutlass on the church and in once case last year saw the murder of the Church secretary, the last comment coming from the Council should be that to halt the debate on crime.

After we saw, particularly on New Providence, countless home invasions, senseless slaughter, molestations and a case where for a second time a pastor in an inner city was ABDUCTED by criminals and almost saw that torching of God’s House – the Christian Council is masked in their red cassocks calling to mute the national debate on crime throughout the country?

Boy, this crew gatta be working for the devil.

Bahamas Press cannot understand which part of WEST HELL is advising Ranford Patterson and his band of Pharisees.  Or, as Obama puts it nicely, you know they shoveling a load of [you know what I want say]!

The Bahamas Christian Council should remember this blame game of casting the blame of Crime on a Government first began when Tommy Turnquest accused Mother Cynthia Pratt – an ORDAINED MINISTER OF THE GOSPEL AT THE TIME – as being responsible for the crime crisis rocking the country. Where was the Christian Council them? MUMS DA WORD!

At that time many would remember when Tommy fired that gun, murders stood at 27. Since then murder numbers have exploded times 4 and yet yinner don’t believe crime should be debated in the upcoming general elections?

Let me tell Ranford Patterson something –

When Hubert Ingraham raised taxes on the Bahamian people, we ain’t hear the Christian Council.

When Papa broke the cookie jar and borrowed more than 2 billion dollars in 4 years, not a word did the Council say.

When the FNM terminated workers at ZNS, Customs, Immigration, The Police, and at the Bahamas Hotel Corporation, the Christian Council had nothing to say.

When the Archdeacon house got robbed, the Cathedral box raided, St. Agnes safe pickup two feet and jump through the window and bandits shatter the glass at St. George’s and ransacked the parish office we heard not a damn word from the Christian Council. NOT ONE WORD!

What yinner should be taking about yinner refuse to speak on! Like these damn Sunday political rallies, which does preempt the news and hijack faith based programs off the national radios. Das what yinner should discuss. BUT NO! YINNER want tell us shut up from speaking on crime? Well yinner should hear this and hear it good. DAT AIN’T Gonna HAPPEN!

Bishop Laish Boyd, Anglican Bishop for the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands told his congregation Sunday in a pastoral letter:  “Crime and the Judicial System are two of the critical issues we, as voters, must consider before we vote.”

We Bishop, who we know does hear from the MOST HIGH, wrote in that letter,  “Crime remains a concern, as it should be.”

We at Bahamas Press agree!

Ranford Patterson and his collected out-of-touch crew need to go back to the drawing board. Put down yinner dutty red cassock and come again!

Crime, UNEMPLOYMENT and the Bad Economy are ISSUES NUMBER ONE in this election and if ya don’t want hear it go and pray, cause Papa ga need plenty prayers this time around.

As the Psalmist would sing: Lord they Word abideth but the CHURCH MISGUIDED!

We report yinner decide!


  1. Bishop Simon Hall’s focusing on the remarks made by Keith Bell, he should be more concerned about the fact that, the the FNM PLP and DNA are having rallies during lent……..We all know that Bishop Hall support the FNM…He in the papers commenting about what Keith Bell said about the electronic monitoring system………..he should focus on being a reverend, and leave the politics to the policitians……….

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