John Delaney has had it with PAPA DEM and will open new law chambers after elections


Attorney General John Delaney. (Photo/Torrell Glinton)

Delaney refused Ingraham’s offer to run

Nassau Bahamas — Bahamas Press’ definitive sources informed us that Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham was unsuccessful in convincing Attorney General John Delaney QC to run for the St Annes Constituency or any other Constituency in the pending General Elections.

Sources close to Mr. Ingraham said he was very disappointed that, after making Delaney a QC ahead of others who were more qualified, he didn’t feel obliged to comply with the Prime Minister’s request.

Given the Ingraham Government’s massive failure by Attorney Generals in the administration of Justice since 2007, they had very high expectations that Mr. Delaney would have provided effective and productive leadership in this critical and pressing area.

Delaney’s misrepresentations of the facts and half truths have dogged his tenure as Attorney General and his record of failure is well known to all thinking Bahamians.

BP’s recent investigation has revealed that Mr. Delaney has come to the conclusion that the FNM Ship is sinking and will be defeated in the General Elections.

As a result, Mr. Delaney has arranged to open his own law firm after a dispute began with the managers at Higgs & Johnson, his old firm, on his re-engagement package.

A few of the staff members, including Adrian White, will join Delaney’s new firm.

The FNM have been a dismal failure in the Administration of Justice having had more than three Attorneys General in five short years.