Juvenile on bail now in custody for the deadly attack of a 79-year-old woman in Pinedale GB


79-year-old Elisia Theoc Loristol is the country’s 32nd homicide victim…

79-year-old Ms Elisia Theoc Loristol homicide victim #32

NASSAU| Bahamas Press has more on that homicide in Pinedale Eight Mile Rock last week Saturday. 

We can report police now have in their custody a juvenile male suspect who was recently released on bail in Nassau and resided in the Pinedale community with relatives nearby the area where the victim’s body was discovered.

The victim relatives have confirmed is 79-year-old Elisia Theoc Loristol. She was found chopped and sliced with her own cutlass and her clothes torn off.

Sources close to the investigation confirmed to BP the victim years daily took care of a farm in the area. It was in that same area where she was viciously attacked by the said young male in custody. Police have not said one word on these developments to BP.

We can report that juvenile was recently released from prison on another serious incident. Who is tracking these dangerous people released on bail?

We report yinner decide!