Kenneth Russell built not ONE Major Subdivision in four years


While Bahamians are distraught about the lack of JOBS and CRIME, Kenneth ‘NOT ONE’ Russell, the MP for High Rock talk about the past. Bahamians are suffering in the present, and he has no plans to alleviate the thousands of Bahamians who don’t have a home.

Businesses along East Street suffer for survival under the NO COMPASSION FNM GOVERNMENT!

Russell could have found money attached with thousands of dollars in contracts to give his buffed roommate, the minister could not build a single in his full five years. Last night another young man was gunned down; bringing the murder count to 241 since 2009.


Meanwhile, businesses along East Street close their doors and suffer after the FNM Government delivered long delays to completing the poorly managed road project.

Papa told Bay Street the works will be done swiftly in the night, but the poor small stores owners along East Street have been slaughtered by this NO Compassion Government. Register today and change this heartless regime.


  1. BP, Just look at Kenneth Russell’s head that alone could tell you the level of his IQ, we just need to vote these brainless ministers out of office

  2. Well, Shane Gibson dared him to build at least one house. But all Mr. Russell wanted to do is talk about what Shane did. Soooooo there you have it. What a shame…why is he still a member of parliament? Someone please please tell me.

  3. He may not have been interested in building any houses for Bahamians but the Nassau Guardian today 1st June, 2011 has an article about the hundreds of homes they’re about to build where the shanty towns burned down off Carmichael Road. This idiot minister is quoted as saying the squatters will be given first option for housing there! If the constituents sit by and let this government place hundreds of these people in their communities where they have to pay rent or mortgage – they are insane. What is that?! There are thousands of Bahamians who have no home and who are in need of assistance right now. Clearly, these people think we are really stupid. Just give Bahamians lower duty on some items and we are supposed to be so excited that we run to Florida to spend the 50cents only to return to find out that while we were gone, they have built homes on OUR LAND for some foreign people and put so many of them there that they have all the power. If ever there was a time to march on Parliament – it is now. These people are out of control. Where is the help for honest, struggling Bahamians? What kind of message is this government sending to the millions of Haitians in Haiti – come on to the Bahamas and get free health, education and now LAND??? What does the Bahamian get?

  4. People don’t be so silly, can’t your’ll see he hasn’t been authorize to build any house. This is a one man band remember that.

  5. He is a very lazy M.P and Minister… He needs to get fired come 2012 Elections…….

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