Kerzner will now get put out of his own house – this time for good!


King Sol turned pesant on Paradise. The Bahamas is headed in the wrong direction.


Paradise Island, Bah — All eyes and ears are pointed towards Paradise Island today, which confirms that there is a fight in the bedroom between Kerzner and his wives.

Now here’s the analogy: Kerzner married several wives who loaned him money to build his global international empire. The wives who loaned him much of the money to do so were on the board, salivating on his success, particularly here in the Bahamas, and so for a good many years there was peace in the bedroom.

Then the hotel mogul saw beauty in one Brookfield and sought to have her join the bedroom to further build the empire. But something happened.

The global recession came, tourism declined, Kerzner could not perform in the bedroom and the new wife [Brookfield] appeared to be getting all the juice. This is not good.

The other wives [Lenders] who held most of the bond appeared neglected and decided they wanted their money. Now get this: they trusted Kerzner. They believed, even though the debt repayment was overdue, Kerzner in the past could have performed and thus the problems of repayment were not an issue. But guess what happened …

Kerzner saw the strange displeasure of his many other wives and therefore decided to enter into a sole marriage conducted by the JP [The Bahamas Government], who cemented the deal. And now Kerzner is in trouble. In fact, this is what played out in a divorce hearing in a courtroom in Delaware where Kerzner’s many wives contested the nuptials with Brookfield. A judge hearing the matter sided with the other wives and so today there was a divorce and Brookfield withdrew from its takeover of the empire.

Brookfield’s decision to walk away from the deal throws into limbo the fate of the 2,317-room mega-resort, and BP wonders what will happen with the 7,000-plus children now that the divorce is about to get nasty.

Papa stress right out as campaingn collapses. Atlantis jobs at risk.

Make no mistake about it, Kerzner is now about to get put out of his house, for there is no anger like a mad woman who has not been ravished since the global meltdown.

What is even more dangerous is that the government [PAPA DEM] performed the marriage and now has to deal with the other wives they and Kerzner sought to screw over. This is not good. How could a government agree to a marriage when they knew other women were involved in the assets? The thought is indeed criminal and proves that the present government in the Bahamas has outstayed its welcome in Paradise … and elsewhere.

The results of these developments are evident. We can see a Receiver being appointed and perhaps the big empire could be liquidated. The 7,000-plus children must find new homes and the economy of the Bahamas could be headed for a rough, tough ride.

Bahamas Press warned Kerzner’s 7,000-plus children on January 1, 2012 to tighten their belts as it is clear that The Bahamas is headed in the wrong direction.

We report yinner decide!

Kerzner's Atlantis could now go into receivership leaving 7.000 plus jobs in jeopardize.