Lamar Ferguson is dead…he becomes the 267th murdered victim since 2009

Lamar Ferguson, shot dead early this morning.

Nassau, Bahamas — Sources are tight-lipped over the country’s latest murdered victim, but from the inner city, BP is on the ground today wrapping up our investigations.

We know shortly after 6am this morning a man was found dead on Laird Street riddled with gunshots.

We believe that this was a result of a matter that occurred earlier this morning that was not resolved and here’s what we know.

According to our sources on the ground, shortly  before 12midnight last night, a group of men were sitting on a wall on the corner of Blue Hill Road and Wellington Street when the occupants of a dark colour car pull up and opened fire on them. The weapons used in this incident were that of high-powered military like guns.

One of the occupants was shot in the leg and taken to hospital. We believe that the murdered victim was among the group, unknown to have been hit during the event. This morning he was discovered dead nearby.

The victim in this latest shooting we now know is, Lamar Ferguson, AKA Capoone. The victim is believed to be in his mid-20s and is a father of one.

Bahamas Press reporting from the ground on Lead Street at the scene of the 267th murder since 2009. We report, yinner decide…


  1. we must pray harder for our young men , every home here in nassau has been effected by murder in some way or the other . this is not a government problem , this is a people problem , one nation united in love and service . stop pointing finger and together lets fix this through prayers . the ones to blame is the CHURCH , not the buildings but the people who are called by the name of the lord . we have become like the world and cannot direct the world anymore , because we want to fit in . We are affraid of their faces . Look around can you tell the difference from the church and the world ? are we our brothers keepers ? who controls us ? I know its not the HOLY SPIRIT . To the CHURCH i say pray , you know who you are . To the World , seek him while he may be found , call upon him while he is near , you dont know when your time will be up . To the mother of Lamar i feel your pain , i lost two brothers to gun and i am still crying with in , but i need you to know weepin endured for a season but joy will come in the morning . May my Father keep you and strenghten you in all your ways . GODS PEACE

  2. It is ignorant for people to think that everyone that get kill on the streets are bad people. Businessmen get gun down in front of their homes so i guess the way they live are the way they die… People need to stop being so judgemental and more human. Those who are talking negatively will someday be in this position and beg to differ with their prior comments. Let God be the judge. By the way his name was not “capone” The nick name was ” Cap-1″ for your information. Let God be the judge, for you too will be judge.

    Oh and for the record this George Ferguson did not have two (2) brothers that died like him, that too is a blaten lie. He never serve time in prison for NO MURDER AND WAS NOT RELEASED FROM JAIL 4 MONTHS AGO… So get it right or fix it.

  3. R.I.P Uncle I love you and miss you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! Please stop the killing. My faith is in God Almighty and prayer works!

    • It doesn’t matter what people say or assume about you. Only God can judge you. I know you were a good/kind hearted person. I will ALWAYS live each day with you in my heart and mind. Love you!

  4. don’t look for ingrum to do or say anything on crime until election time that’s when he will be asking for another five years they don’t wort a peace of dog chit!!!!

  5. This was my classmate in H. O. Nash! It is truly ridiculous! The violence is overwhelming in this country and no one seems to have one clue of how to stop it. The politicians only have one agenda and we all know what that is! This is a sad day for me, once again. Soon people will be forced to live like hermits and still not be safe. Young men & women need more role models. There’s no one for them to emulate because it seems like they all only care about luxury and judging young men as thugs and criminals. R.I.P Lamar!

  6. With a name like Capone, I really dont think this young fella was handing out bibles and tracks at the nearby Supervalue. I get the impression that this fella was the victim of retribution, you know, eye for eye, and all that good stuff.

    It seems like we as a society are pushing out a slew of young men who really do not respect life, least of which being their own. Maybe its the homes that they come from or the communities in which they were raised, but they don’t seem to value breathing God’s breath.

    Well I’m sure the deceased’s cronies, or the boys on the block, will seek out those who killed him and in turn dispatch them with the pull of a trigger. And in turn they will seek retribution , and the cycle continues until all and sundry are nestled in woodlawn.

    What a waste.

  7. It seems to me that the spirit of Gov. Woodes Rogers back in the Bahamas.

    Tell me it is true. If not there must be great concern, because then we may have a organization similar to the Interahamwe group of Rawanda.
    Interahamwe means: Kinyarwanda, meaning “those who stand/work/fight/attack together.”

    Rogers was a privateer from England sent on expeditions in order to harass Spanish colonies throughout the coast of the Atlantic. The expedition proved successful as he brought many valuables back to England. Soon, his focus remained on suppressing pirates from the Caribbean Seas.

  8. Our country needs a cleansing…the question is still the same, HOW LONG WILL THIS GO ON…Does this violence have to come to the door step of our Political Parties before we stop joking with crime.

    • I remember when the murder count, compared to 2011, was relatively low and there was a process in place that seemed to be working to signifcantly further lower the murder rate in the country. Enter the FNM and Tommy T who had all the answers to every and all crime. Tommy T claimed that the former minister responsible for crime did’t know how to do it right. He was the man for he job. Well the rest is history. Go figure. The first step to this vexing problem is to get fire the Tommy T and the Government of “It’s Matter of Trust”.

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