Lionel Sands dangerously threatens the morale within Education Ministry!


Educator for 10 years breaksdown and cry after being overlooked while Senior Officer’s Sweetheart gets promoted without qualifications – Education is in Shambles and Minister Must Fix It!

Lionel Sands - Director of Education

Nassau, Bahamas — When the Minister of Education returns to his seat in the department this week, Bahamas Press wants to congratulate him for the excellent work on the school repairs and the fight to make ready the thousands of students for the new school year.

We also want to thank and congratulate the hardworking Minister for Social Services Melanie Griffin, who we all know was behind the scenes in making ready school assistance to children in need.

However, while we congratulate the rising star in the Minister of Education, we want to advise him that all is not well in that Ministry. And we want him to know that he should pay very close attention to his Director Lionel Sands.

Reports reaching BP have confirmed recent promotions in the department of education have left senior administrators in the ministry washed in tears, distressed after finding out close “sweetness-es” tied to the director was elevated over others.

We find this act to be despicable to say the least.

Additionally, Bahamas Press can confirm a known FNM goon who failed to achieve a master’s degree, though she was paid by the government to achieve such, was also promoted with no certification to show for her elevation.


New hardworking Minister of Education, Jerome Fitzgerald, must question how 10 sweethearts of one Education Officer got promoted....

We also have documented in another case of promotion where all of the applicants for a position in the ministry were never considered, after another officer was selected for the job who applied after the deadline and had spent less than half the years in the department over the loyal, hardworking members of the department applying for the job.

Dis foolishness gata stop.

Bahamas Press is warning the New Minister of Education to examine his internal structure more seriously. Walk in the department and talk to the local staff. Listen to them and let them tell you what is happening on the ground.

We urge the minister to avoid his director, and with great caution and care flee his advice.

Take it from us, you will soon find out why the former Minister of Education almost kicked him out the door.

Remember, Sands was the very official in Education who went to the media when the sex scandal broke out at the Eight Mile Rock High School and said, there was no case of child molestations at the school! He should have been fired following those comments. We investigated and revealed to the public all the ‘DUT’ and happenings on the ground of that school. A Trinidadian teach and  child pedophile Andre Birbal was found guilty of crimes against children at that institution! He was sentenced for 35 years!

Sands knew of the incidents and did little to warn the public. The incident cause the sacking of a former Minister in Education.

Take it from BP – Sands is a death trap and will cause your downfall if you fail to heed!

Review them promotions again! We have more to say on this.

And as my former teacher use to say; “A word to the wise is sufficient!”

We ga report yinner ga decide!


  1. Mr Sands has shown his feet of clay over and over in the Ministry of Education and no disciplinary action has been taken against him up to date. The morale of many eachers have been terampled under his feet for too long. I do believe that Mr. Sands thinks that he is ‘untouchable’.He is also not a people’s person!!

  2. I really hope the Minister of Education would listen to BP about Mr. Lionel Sands, he would cause you problem, Mr. Minster please lister to BP, please!

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