Long Islanders upset over Red Splash Event on the same day as Regatta

FNM candidate set to lose like her father in Long Island. Residents set to reject the FNM.

Clarence Town, Bahamas — More problems for the FNM are being felt even more intensely on Long Island. Loretta Butler-Turner, the FNM’s runaway candidate from Montagu, is now further dividing the community and islanders want her out.

According to residents, the community is known for its Mini-Regatta weekend event during the Easter Monday Holiday. However, the FNM candidate is attempting to introduce a red splash event, which will hurt local vendors.

Red Splash is expected to be an all day fun event of Free FOOD and Drinks days before the announcement of the general election.

A Long Islander told BP, “Why do the FNM want to divide this community? We on Long Island come together every Easter holiday. We are not about dividing this island and we don’t need another stranger coming here to divide us. We want our East regatta event and das dat!”

That’s what happens when you gat a seaweed wash up on shore! If Loretta was a real Long Islander she would know Regatta is held every Easter Monday.


  1. Before ANY person that is wanting to run for ANY office that is to REPRESENT the community/people..they must walk in that communities shoes, have town meetings, and take a long walk within that area to understand the core values of what is important, their traditions, their livelihoods..and enhance those things for the better of the people..and NOT have their own agendas like the community is THEIR POSSESSION instead of being a possession of the community!! Shame on her for trying to DIVIDE THIS COMMUNITY. Stick with the program gurlfriend!!

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