Loretta Butler-Turner and six have no mandate by a caucus to LEAD as Long Island boycotts Government House Sunday!


FNMs female leaders and the “Yes Vote” Women Dem supporters all failed to show up at Government House of Loretta! Well, Wait!!!

Government House Ballroom empty as Loretta sworn-in as Opposition Leader

Nassau, Bahamas – Today history was made as the first woman of the Bahamas was invited into Government House to receive instruments as Leader of Opposition in the Parliament.

The events began on last Wednesday when a group of seven FNM MPs wrote a letter to the Governor General announcing a vote of No Confidence against the Leader of the Opposition and requesting her invitation to appoint Loretta Butler-Turner to the post.

Neko Grant, Edison Key, Theo Neilly, Richard Lightbourn, Chippie Chipman, Loretta Butler-Turner and Andre Rollins all signed the letter sent to Governor General Dame Marguerite Pindling on the morning of December 7th. The contents of the letter was read in the Parliament by Dr. Kendal Major Speaker of the Lower House.

The bold move by the group forced the removal of the Opposition Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis, which has now forced a change in the composition of the Parliament. By the next morning, all four FNM Senators Carl Bethel, Duane Sands, Kwasi Thompson and Monique Gomez tendered their resignation out of the Upper House.

We at Bahamas Press have long supported and endorsed Dr. Minnis in three contests for the leadership in the last four and a half years. What is now clear is the fact that, since Minnis faced his fights from the day he became the duly elected leader of the FNM, he has never been given the chance by the “elitists”, who last week, have wrestled the instruments of Opposition Leader away from him.

Long Island MP Loretta Butler Turner made Opposition Leader today.

The move proves that a small band of seven uncouth, deceptive, manipulative, treasonous rebels are not just prepared to sink the chances of Dr. Minnis, but the entire Free National Movement. And we believe they have ended their years in public life via these actions of political suicide.

How can anyone trust the people who told Bahamians that their party was on the right course but abruptly wrote off the vehicle while injuring the leader in the process? Bahamians have not seen this level of betrayal, disloyalty, lèse-majesté, high treason, subversion, ungodly treachery, and naked rebellion since the 1977 collapse of the FNM under the leadership of the late Sir Cecil Wallace Whitfield.

What could possibly be the end game of the rebel FNMs? What is clear is that they have come to destroy the party and by extension its leader; into the final months of a General Election! What is Dis?!

Interestingly, this afternoon at Government House all of the suspects didn’t appear as senior man Neko Grant failed to show up at the coronation.

The room was extremely empty! There was no support from the first woman elected to Parliament Janet Bostwick. The first Female Acting PM did not appear. The Woman Dem who say ‘dey’ wanted “YES” in the referendum were all absent including Lynn Holowesko! The first woman Governor General Dame Ivy Dumont was nowhere on the scene of the crime that has shocked the nation. There was absence from the President of the Christian Council and a complete absence by the clergy as like the Rt. Reverends of the land! But most importantly the Community of Long Island – which has constituents in the thousands on New Providence all, boycotted the events.

What does all this tell the Bahamian people?

We believe that a small group that has hijacked the will of scores of opposition supporters directed by a known “CRACK-HEAD Lawyer” in the Bahamas has dashed the chances of a political party.

And that, in the 40 years since the first political coup within the FNM, those elites with money in the millions, have not learned that they cannot do a damn thing with the grass-root support at the foot of the organization.

As one women shouted loudly in the lobby of the Melia Hotel during the July Convention as she wore her red ‘Roc Wit Doc’ T-shirt: “Peter Street OR NUTTIN!”

We report yinner decide!

With no mandate to lead six rebel MPs of the Parliament showed up to support Loretta Butler Turner as opposition leader. The group has no party or support in their actions.