Louis Bacon’s Save the Bays takes over the Prime Minister and now all investigations against the group could be in jeopardy!


BAHAMAS PRESS’ SUNDAY SPECIAL >>> ‘One Eye Di’ of Save Da Bays is now managing Prime Minister Christie’s Public Relations??? WELL WAIT!!!

PM Christie being prepped by Diane Phillips for a show on Guardian Radio. Is LOUIS BACON'S SAVE THE BAYS DIRECTOR CHRISTIE'S NEW PUBLIC RELATIONS CZAR?
PM Christie being prepped by Diane Phillips for a show on Guardian Radio. Is LOUIS BACON’S SAVE THE BAYS DIRECTOR CHRISTIE’S NEW PUBLIC RELATIONS CZAR?

Nassau, Bahamas – Citizens around the country and more importantly PLPs stood in shock last week after they saw the leader of the country now held hostage by Louis Bacon’s Save the Bays group.

Last week Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie visited the studios of Guardian 96.9FM Radio with the host of the Talk-show “Connected” to give an update on recovery efforts following the passage of Hurricane Matthew.

What shocked the daylights out of PLPs in particular was that seen helping prepare the PM for the radio event was a onetime sitting member of Louis Bacon’s Save The Bays, Diane “One Eye Di” Phillips. Sources tell us that the Louis Bacon’s Save The Bays Director may now be working Public Relations for the Prime Minister? This cannot be true!

But while the PM was on Guardian Radio, residents of Ragged Island, North Andros and Grand Bahama hardest hit by Hurricane was listening to ZNS 1540am national broadcast. But Mr. Christie’s new handlers don’t think the national talkshows are necessary! AMAZING!

This is Unbelievable!

Christie, we believe, has lost confidence with many of his PR experts; many of whom helped catapult him to the Office Of Prime Minister for a second time, successfully in 2012.

‘One Eye Di’ of Louis Bacon’s Save the Bays group according to Minister of Education Jerome Fitzgerald on the floor of the Parliament is believed to have been in the country seeking to destabilize the Christie Government, while spending millions from tax write-offs for environmental programs. Save the Bays took the Minister and another MP to court on the matter which resulted in an unprecedented gagging of the Parliament.

But what is worse is the fact that ‘One Eye Di’, who was seen preparing the PM for the show, was also a part of the same team at Save The Bays, who presented wicked caricatures in the newspapers in a bold exercise to bring low in the eyes of the world the Office Of Prime Minister and taint as corrupt its holder Prime Minister Christie! Well by Damn!

What is also reprehensible in this is the fact that Louis Bacon’s Save the Bays along with the former Chairman of the FNM, Michael Pintard, negotiated with two men to concoct a Murder-for-Hire LIE. PM Christie and other Cabinet Ministers had to be interviewed by police to examine those developments and right now the Parliament of The Bahamas has setup a committee to investigate the contents of Save The Bays emails and investigate the players involved in that plot! The investigations of the Parliament MUST PROCEED!!!

So far not one word has come on when the Committee will call the Save The Bays crew, nor have we heard what has come out of the findings of the Murder-for-Hire plot. We wonder why!?

What we now see and hear though, is that someone at the centre of all this is now prepping the Prime Minister [Da Chief VICTIM of SAVE DA BAYS].

GOD SAVE DA QUEEN! Who is now controlling the Prime Minister of the Bahamas?!

We report yinner decide!