Man catches girlfriend bald naked in pastor’s bedroom


Nassau, Bahamas — A young minister of the gospel and newly married man had to quickly pack his bags and leave his church on a remote family island this week after he was caught in a compromising position with a female.

Sources on the Family Island tell us the preacher had recently moved to the island to take up residence.

The incident we can confirm occurred during Christmas week.

In fact, it was on Christmas Eve when a loving boyfriend and girlfriend (engaged) had just finished a nice outing and were proceeding to call it a night.

The girlfriend, who has the ‘hots’ for the married clergyman, followed her boyfriend home and tucked him in for the night. But rather than return home, she went to the pastor’s house to begin a night of sexual festivities.

Now get this, the Pastor’s youthful wife, who also was recently caught up in her own sex exercises with another man, was off the island at Christmas and thus made it all the easier for the clergyman’s secret lover.

As the night passed, the boyfriend, unable to reach his woman, therefore decided to drive around town to see if she was ok. He got the shock out of his life when he saw her car parked by the pastor’s house and not even a Christmas light on inside.

BP can report the angry man got out of his vehicle kicked down the door all to find his gal dressed in her birthday suit [BALD NAKED] in the bathroom trying to put her G-STRING back on!

The enraged boyfriend then got into a violent altercation with the minister, which resulted in him sustaining a cut over his nose. The shameful encounter woke up the community and what a talk that was on the island.

Dress in his ordained collar, next day [Christmas Day] the disgraced reverend could be heard in the pulpit preaching about Christ’s birthday, but had nothing to say about the woman found just a few hours before in her birthday suit in his home. The evidence of the scuffle was evident as a big bandage covered his nose.

Later that day the reverend had to report to the island police station to “clear up the matter”, trying to have the young man cool down by letting the police explain to him that he was “counseling” his girlfriend.

The pastor’s wife was recently caught up in a scandal with a local bad boy. But get this: the girl involved with the pastor is the cousin of the man who was having relations with the pastor’s wife.

The pastor was transferred out of the island this past Tuesday and is set to be reassigned to another church soon.

We report, Yinner Decide…


  1. This is not the first time something like this has happened. We are all sinners we strive daily for perfection, but I do have a problem with ministers who can’t admit that they have sinned and go on preaching to their congregation as if nothing ever happened. May God help us all!

  2. if you are gonna print a story you need to name the pastor so the public can be made aware of who he is. i hate it when gossip tabloids like the punch and other papers print stories and doesnt let the public know who these people are . then he will transfer to another church to pray on some young teen. lets not have another randy frazier. so please let the publy know of these shameful pastors

  3. LOL…. boy this BP really out of order! Why is it that we from the island or city want to HIDE the truth?? If ya get catch scheming… ya get catch scheming!! Face reality.. it happens.

  4. Rubio, I get where you are coming from right, but I will say this, I don’t believe he was thinking clearly at the time. The fact that he rushed in there to fight not knowing whether or not if the reverend had a gun and would use it, you could tell he was not reasoning properly at that point. That’s why I always tell people to stop playing these emotional games with people‘s hearts. This was something he probably felt he had to see with his own eyes in order for him to believe it and felt if he waited until she came out, she was going to tell him a bold faced lie, like she been to see the Rev. for counseling, believe me that’s exactly what she was going to tell him. All I am saying, “people should be more upfront with others, instead of leading them on and knowing they are not serious. She should have kept it real from the start and let him know if he wanted to have some fun from time to time and throw her out a couple of dollars, she was down with that, but if he was looking for a little bit more than that, she wasn‘t the one for him. At least he would have known exactly what he was up against and there wouldn’t be any need for any misunderstanding. Then he could have made a decision if he wanted to continue the relationship with her and she could have continue to give it out to whoever she was pleases. This man was into her, the fact that he got engaged to her, shows a sign of commitment on his behalf. She was toying with him to the point where he probably couldn’t think straight. If you mind some of us women we will have you tripping out your heads, until you don’t know if you are going or coming. I just don’t believe in playing with people’s emotions and would never do that, because when you are doing that you are threading on some very dangerous grounds. Not everybody could handle it. Some people would walk away and try to forget you, while others will try to take you out. Anyway, unless you go through a situation like this for yourself, you never know how you will react until your time comes.

    • I completely agree with you Kim. A lot of people like to pretend, not believe in the relationship they are in. I had a friend of mine his (ex) girlfriend used to call any girls this guy was friend with while she was doing it many other men. It takes a lot to commit like you said. My only problem is the boyfriend could have died by entered someone else property. Yes, emotions played a big part of it but I am sure he is still want his girlfriend. The other man has nothing to do with her coming in. I had something similar happened to me but I knew the girl was a whore from the beginning.

  5. The denomination that he is affiliated with is no better than him.He is caught in adultery,and what actions does the leadership takes? They plan on moving this infidel to another church to prey on another married woman.He is a scoundrel.He has no business standing behind a pulpit.As a minister of the gospel I am appalled at the shocking hypocrisy of these fakers.

  6. I feel bad because there’s a child involved it happened and am sure both persons involved are ashamed of themselves especially the Rev to see how he allowed him self to be caught up with some who isn’t even sexy nor attractive and with a stink attitude .He must have wanted some bad

    • angie u soun HURT! like u have a personal grudge against the girl…i know her personally i mean we ain like dat bt sheen stink nor unattractive…u soun like u mad it wasnt u

  7. This happen in ****** .Where they cover up all the darkness .That’s why ******* has gone to hell in a hand basket .This is the persons of the cloth where they drink and dance and than preach like there is no tomorrow.They worst than the Baptist Preacher.

  8. It’s not judging when it happened, and it should not not be said minding people business when it comes to the so called men & women of God having one foot in the Word & the next in the world.

    It doesn’t even matter how long this matter happen the point is, is that it happened, it also may not be the whole truth but it’s not to far from it; so thank you Bahamas Press for the information you have shared.

    We all have our failures and short comings people, and we know there is none perfect; I would respect a person who step down & sits off of the pulpit than one who stays his/her A** on the pulpit pretending to be what they are not.

    It is sickening to realize what this one time ago godly Nation has come to (just settling for any D**m thing). Religion & Tradition is degrading the Word of God and people don’t care to even live righteous anymore Points:
    (1) There is no fear for God.
    (2) There is no respect for His Sanctuary
    (3) There is so much deceits

    My opinion is we all are noisy for coming on this page (Bahamas Press), and when we read the Holy Bible we are still noisy because if am not mistaking some of the characters in the bible (David, Solomon, etc) did some of these same stuff; but we still read it and find it OK right? (A** hole/ Bongyhole same frigging thing, Hello!).

    My thought for this matter is if the head is sick, so is the body; so I ask this question can the blind lead the blind?
    Reality is the save & unsaved needs to pray one for another and come into repenting daily.

    Have a nice day everyone!

  9. @ Tina it’s obvious you know da young lady or the pastor in question and trying to cover-up bcuz da story is true and I live on the Island. Let da truth be told. These supposedly men of God need to STOP!!!

  10. The Pastor’s Name is ***** ****** and the Girl name is ***** ***** FB name ***** ********* ******. They were caught in the Church House. They were able to put on their underwear because her Mom called and tipped them off that her bf was outside. Her boyfriend found them after kicking down 4 doors in the bathroom in her panty and bra on the toilet and the Pastor trying to hold the door up which was kicked down. They didn’t press any charges at the police station.

  11. This Reverend lucky he only got a scratch across the nose, that man could have pulled a Prince Hepburn on them. He could have gone home and write their names on his cutlass and come back and deal with the situation. Let them stay there practicing foolishness, they don’t know how these things is affect people.

    • Did the guy drugged her in order to rape her? It was consensual sex. Therefore, the BF has no business to enter the other man’s house. Wait outside for your whore and deal with her. Bahamas men seem to be very jealous for their girls.

    • Kim Sands, u are OUT OF LINE. You should be ashame of yourself to post a statement like this. I dont care what happen it does not give the right for anyone to harm another person. U r as sick as the incident you spoke about. Hope you are writeing this from prison.

  12. Dear BP,
    My sister lives on an island in south eastern Bahamas and I hear stories like this from her far to often…. I think some truth is in this story.

  13. This is a bunch of lies. This story is no where the truth. Get your story right before talking about persons of the cloth

    • How do you know if the story in your head and the one presented here is in response to the same event? I mean, we didn’t mention a name nor an Island. But if you wish to assist TINA, you can start by telling us the details. We guarantee our readers that would never come from TINA!


      • wat is going on wit these pastors? y r they falling from grace for the flesh?. one in freeport, nassau, abaco, now another family island, we need to no BP expose them.

      • yes this is true!!! rite in ****** wit a girl who does act classy!!! n her bf is from ********* wen i get the girl name i will state it!!!

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