Man detained for murder, rape and arm robbery escapes police and shoot officer


This man of NASSAU VILLAGE Reginald Chase is described as having dark brown complexion, medium built and stands at 5’10” tall.

Police on high alert for 25-year-old Reginald Chase

Nassau, Bahamas — A manhunt is now underway for 25-year-old Reginald Chase after he escaped the Princess Margaret Hospital early this morning and shot a police officer to make good his getaway.

Chase, who was under arrest for armed robbery, rape and murder, was at PMH for medical attention when he asked to use the restroom.

It was then when he, with one hand free of cuffs, snatched the officer’s revolver and shot him in the chin.

Reggie [as he is known by some] has done it again and from what we know he is a menace to society.

Bahamas Press reminds readers who this suspect is and alerts police and the public of his unquenchable appetites for crime.

You would remember back in May of last year a similar incident occurred with this same prisoner and we don’t know how police forgot it.

Authorities had arrested Chase back then on charges of murder.

He was in Bank Lane, in Magistrates Court Five to be exact for the continuation of a preliminary hearing for the 2009 murder of William Farrington. During that hearing he was also told of the rape complaint against him that had arisen.

Now get this, Chase, who is on bail for the murder charge, came out of the court, dash across the Garden of Remembrance onto Parliament Street with three officers in hot pursuit.

In fact, when that incident unfolded, one of the officers attempted to reason with Chase telling him, “If you say you done deal with the matter, why we have to go through this?”

He was determined to get away.

Chase, who lead the police chase, continued running but was later caught. So here is a criminal who was charged for murder before, raped before, committed robbery before and in this morning’s incident shot a police officer.

All we at Bahamas Press say is this; When you catch him again we wonder where ya ga put him.

Declare war on all criminals and we tell officers in hot pursuit of 25-year-old Reginald Chase to AIM FOR THE HEAD!

We report yinner decide!