Man gunned down in Graveyard yesterday – ONLY BP GAT THE STORY!!!


Lake View Cemetary erupts into terror - THRILLER IN THE GRAVEYARD!

Blood flows in the Graveyard!!

Nassau, Bahamas — If you thought it was safe to go to funerals in the Bahamas, you better think again. Crime, murder, slaughter, ‘jookin’ and stabbings are the order of the day in the Bahamas with a system of justice that has collapsed.

Crime and violent crimes are on the rise and nowhere is safe these days, not even the graveyard.

We warn Bahamians if you are headed to a funeral in the country, please put a bullet proof vest under that black dress or suit cause you may not leave the graveyard!

Just yesterday, as mourners were getting ready to commit the remains of a murdered victim, violence erupted in the centre of Lakeview Graveyard.

The family and friends of the late Darren Carrol gathered at the site and were about to commit the remains of the departed into the ground when someone shot a witness to the murder in the back .

Right in front of the mourners!

The attackers hadn’t done enough by shooting the witness in the back, so they also stabbed the young man in the head. As blood poured from the young man’s body like a heavy downpour, the committal erupted into a violent screaming crowd as family members and friends ran for their lives, some running towards the coffin while others attempted to jump under the coffin and into the grave.


In an instant the whole graveyard was running, hauling [DONKEY] in every direction.

Rather than running to the exit, one relative raced towards the cliffs, attempting to climb the rocks like spider-man. The scene became more chaotic by the minute.

But it gets worse!

Though the wounded man lay helpless just near where the coffin was, the victim was not dead. He was rushed to hospital. After arriving there, fear raced through the hospital like a car on I-95 as authorities learnt someone was headed to PMH to finish off the victim. What in the hell is this?

For a brief moment PMH was on lockdown. NO MAN IN AND NONE OUT! We are in a war zone!

You mean to tell us you cannot go to a funeral anymore?

Just a few weeks ago, a similar incident unfolded at Woodlawn when people came pouring out of the entrance as if the Saxons had just won a parade and the mass crowd was running down East Street Hill!

Well Great GOD OF EARTH AND SKY! What is this we are living in here in the Bahamas?

Here’s the kicker, NOT ONE MEMBER OF THE WUTLESS MEDIA covered the tragic episode.


We report and yinner decide!