Millions raided out of the treasury only days before the general elections…


Former confessed drug dealer and FNM goon in North Eleuthera is believed to have orchestrated the tax dollars to be used in North Eleuthera eloection.

Who high up approved millions from treasury to be paid to parties on Family Island?


Nassau, Bahamas — When the Rt. Hon. Perry Gladstone Christie, Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, gathers in the Churchill building with his newly appointed Cabinet Ministers, the business of the Bahamian people will finally begin.

Get this: when Mr. Christie and Mr. Davis, along with the new generation of leaders, see what we see they ga be shock.

Documents shown to Bahamas Press’ senior editor could spell something criminal and could force some high-ranking elected officials to spend time behind bars.

According to our sources in the OPM, a series of exchanges between the Ministry of Finance Officials and Operators of the St. Georges Cay Power Company conspired together to pillage the treasury only days before the May 7th general elections.

According to the communications shown to us, operatives supporting the Ingraham government made a request to have all duties paid to the government for as far back as 2008 paid back to the company out of the treasury. Now get this: the amount is in the millions!

Why did former PRIME Minister Hubert Ingraham approve millions to be moved out of the treasury to win an election? Treasury raided days before general elections. Does that sound like honest transparent leadership? This is the second major scandol erupting the the treasury. MORE TO COME!

Communications along with invoices from the customs department and a major gas company were attached to cover letters showing the validity of the amount being requested.

Contents of a letter communicated by Talmon Brice on behalf of the Financial Secretary [see below] proved the amount requested had been granted high up in the Ministry of Finance.

In that letter Brice wrote: “I am directed to request that you facilitate the refund of all duties paid on diesel fuel by St. Georges Cay Power and Light for the period of July 2008 until they were granted duty free concessions.

“To assist you in determining the amount to be refunded please find attached receipts provided by St. Georges which cover the concessionary period.

“As this matter has been outstanding for some time, your quick response to this matter would be most appreciated.”

Sources tell us it is believed the money was used in the general elections to diminish the chances of PLP candidate Clay Sweeting of winning over FNM candidate Theo Neily in North Eleuthera.

Hubert Ingraham repeated often on the campaign trail that Eleuthera will born twins.

We are told just days before the Elections, one of the representatives of the power plant was very visible in a dark red t-shirt giving out money and flat screen TV sets – and this only two days before the elections.

Bahamas Press calls on the Minister of Finance to investigate these claims and let the chips fall where they may.

Millions raided from the treasury only days before the general elections…

We report yinner decide!


  1. So the fact that the power company got from duty free diesel that they were entitled to since an amendment in 2010 is proof that the money went to fund a campaign? Wait…what? One shred of proof other than a letter about a totally normal and legal transaction would be great.

    Also got a good laugh out of the “FNM goon” Abner Pinder thing. Yeah, what a thug…going around and helping the community and things…the nerve of some people.

  2. start reporting real news ok you end be a great on line paper stop knocking the fnm the elections is over the fromer prime minster quit you sound like you have grudge against him i he loves the bahamas more than you think get on with reporting good turthful news ok

  3. To The Editor of Bahamas Press .
    I am Morris Pinder President of Saint Geroges Cay Power Company.You are an Absolute Liar and Your Information is Totaly Flawed by lies!!
    We @ Saint Georges Cay Power Station Have Never I Repeat Never ever Recieved from the bahamas Treasury Or Goverment NO Money Period nor a check for money!!
    However the Rest of the Bhamas That is The Customers of BEC Bahamas Electricity Corporation DID recieve Electrcity @ a Reduced rate for a Period of Three (3) Years .We were Promised as a Public Utility that we would also get Our fuel Duty free as BEC did ..Which was a wonderful Thing ,Because at the time the Country and the world was in Financial distress .so The Goverment gave the people a Relief on there Eclectric Bills..BUT we Never ever got the Duty free concessions Promsed..We got them for a Period of about 3 Months ..Then It expired..we were promised we would get the Refund given Back to us and Yes Letters were wrttien which is above board and do in the Right manner…BUT you cannot prove nor can you ever say that we @ Saint Geroges cay Power Company have ever recieved those Funds as You have disclosed in this Press relesae.IT IS A LIE !!
    Get Your Facts Staight and Stop Reporting Lies
    Your Sincerly
    Morris Pinder

  4. Well from the letter it says that they were suppose to get the refund anyhow… So put it this way whatever the money was used for was the power companies problem not the government issue. So you can’t blame the Government they were entitled to it anyhow. BP another dumb post.

  5. Oh wow BP this is show that you are sincerely IGNORANT..go read the ammended TARIF ACT..they along with others are ENTITLED!

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