Minnis Appoints A Toddler For the Director of NIB to Consult


NASSAU| Well, it looks like the Toddler Chairman of Water & Sewerage now has a playdate. Toddler Torchbearer Gabrielle McKenzie was appointed Consultant to the Director of NIB and all hell has broken loose at the place.  

Staff members at NIB are outraged due to the blatant disrespect and disregard for employees and their future at NIB. The ones in charge of NlB have claimed they had put a freeze on staff hiring but we guess they got frostbite and decided to let the hiring defrost. This new hire is costing the taxpayers $110,000.00 per annum. Da TODDLER making a whole $110,000.00!!!! WELL, BLOW ME DOWN!!!

Since the defrost of hiring occured, NIB has gotten some 52 week workers who are temporary employees and were later told they were employed as Data Entry Clerks.

Employees of the board are outraged by this action and feel helpless because of the Line Staff Union which apparently has gone into an abyss. WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS!!! 

Is the NIB union asleep??!!! Is the NIB Union on the payroll now??!! Has the NIB union turned crown?! WAKE UP UNION!! WAKE UP!!! REPRESENT THE NIB EMPLOYEES!!! DAS WHY DEY PAY DUES!!!!

Apparently BP gatta be the union chief in this case!!! Yinner protest this injustice!! Grab ya bag and walk outside. Do not stoop so low that you agree for another toddler to be set loose to run amok in the affairs of the people of this country. DA PEOPLE DEM ALREADY CAN’T GET NO CHECK FROM NIB!!!

To add insult to injury it is alleged that the new consultant is the end result of a political pay off and doesn’t have three shillings to offer as qualifications for this job. How long will The Bahamas continue to exist under serious levels of incompetence from the top straight down. They have failed the Bahamian people, they have failed their employees and they have failed the country. Enough is ENOUGH!!!