Montagu Beach turned into the eastern city dump overnight!

Look how the people left Montaqu Beach this morning following a Valentine Massacre.

Garbage took over the beach

Garbage left all long the beach area oif Montaqe this morning.

Nassau, Bahamas — There is no question there is something which went  wrong in the Bahamas.

While entering Montaqu this morning this is what we saw. Garbage everywhere.

Beer bottles and dirt heaped all along the foreshore. Foil paper with a gang of flies attacking the refuse left on the beach. Mind you this is the same beach area Atlantis spent over one million dollars to reclaim.

Someone decided to host a Valentine Massacre on the beach with a sailing weekend and what a massacre it was patrons left behind.

The tourist area this morning was an eyesore. The rats were running and the flies were having a picnic.

We at Bahamas Press could not believe it.

Now here’s a story you cannot find in the WUTLESS TERLET PAPER THIS MORNING! Why is my Bahamian people do DAMN NASTY?

Where is the department for the environment on this one?

We report yinner decide.

Could someone please tell us why we in the Bahamas are sooooooo NASTY?


  1. Unbelieveable!!! I blame the organisers of the event, The Sands beer people. That was that way from saturday. Sunday only made it worse. Anyone that wants to have functions or events in a public place like that should be required to put up a substantial deposit before allowed to use the area. That way a cleaning crew will be ready to clean up after the event has passed. Just too flickin nasty!!!!!

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