More blood spills as a young man is murdered in Yellow Elder


Tommy Turnquest, The Failed Minister of National Security- LOST IN SPACE as crime reeks havoc on the nation.

Crime and violence like evil twins grip the nation and hold everyone hostage

Nassau, Bahamas — In an incident not yet reported by Bahamas Press, we can confirm that murder incidents have climbed by one in the country on the eve of Passover.

Dead is 24-year-old Darren Carroll of Yellow Elder subdivision. His death occurred early Thursday morning as he was near a parked vehicle.

According to investigators, Carroll was waiting on a friend outside a residence when a gunman pulled up alongside the vehicle and opened fire on him.

Reports indicate the young victim sustained multiple gunshot wounds about his body and collapsed to the ground. The weapon used in this latest incident was a high-powered automatic war-like machine gun.

The victim died just hours later after doctors attempted to save his life.

There are too many guns in this town. Too many people in the city are passing them around. The Bahamas is in a crisis. When will the bloodletting end?

Meanwhile we can report a man in Eight Mile Rock, Grand Bahama has gone missing.

Family members of one Antonio Pierre, 69 years of age, say he cannot be found.

Relatives of Pierre discovered just behind Mt. Calvery Baptist Church in Seagrapes what appears to be clothing last worn by the missing man. The items were found in bushes nearby, but no sign of Pierre.

Police are looking into this matter.

And BP is following a home invasion in the Claridge Road area that happened around 5am this morning. Now get this: two armed men kicked down the door of a family in that area and began indiscriminately shooting up in the home as if they were in a Rambo action movie.

The horrifying ordeal awakened the occupants inside, some who dashed under the bed for cover.

Information into this latest incident points to a relative who was not home at the time. We believe the gunmen were making a second attempt to kill that relative who was shot by an unknown gunman last month.

Boy we tell ya, IF YA DON’T LAUGH YOU WILL CRY! Nassau is under siege!


We report yinner decide.