More layoffs happening right now at CITIBANK Bahamas


Nassau, Bahamas – While politicians debated a compendium of legislation to regulate the Financial Services sector of the country, workers at Citibank are under threat as layoffs continue.

Unreported in the wutless media is the layoff of some 8 workers at the offshore bank last week.

News coming into Bahamas Press confirmed a mass downsizing is happening as we speak in the bank.

Sources deep in the belly of Citibank tell us the CEO has been demoted to the position of loan officer, while eight workers were given their pink slips on Thursday last week.

One week earlier Bahamas Press reported how some six workers at the bank were axed.

Fear and trembling have taken over Citibank, forcing workers to race to BP for assistance.

Not one word of the axing has been reported in the wutless media.

We report yinner decide…